New Facebook Live Series: Conversations with the Dean

By Cassidy Riley Posted Thu, 01/24/2019 - 16:48

The first installment of the School of Nursing and Health Professional’s Facebook live series, Conversations with the Dean, featured Dr. Taryn Vian, a recently appointed tenured professor at USF and the new Master of Public Health (MPH) program director. She joined the Dean in a dialogue regarding her appointment at USF, as well as, her previous and current work in global health with organizations such as the World Health Organization.

Professor Vian has a distinguished career as a researcher and thought leader in government accountability, anti-corruption, and public-private partnerships in health systems. She has worked in over 35 countries and is currently working with the World Health Organization about transparency and accountability in health systems. When asked about what influenced her to accept the position at USF, Professor Vian cited USF’s mission and vision of social justice:

What drew me to USF was the vision of the school, change the world from here, including the values of excellence and educating the whole person for a life of service, and becoming a change agent. Public health is really about change. We are not going to achieve the health of populations through keeping the world the way it is...

She also spoke about her work with the World Health Organization helping fight corruption in healthcare worldwide.

I have been working on corruption for over ten years. I found that it was one of the problems in global health that people were reluctant to address head-on. Yet, there have been a lot of studies that show corruption really harms health. Where you have these vulnerabilities to risk and abuse of trusted power for private gain, it affects access to services, especially for the most vulnerable. I have been helping the World Health Organization design guidance for the Member States in how to assess [the] risk of corruption in the different building blocks of the healthcare system as well as putting in place anti-corruption measures.

Conversations with The Dean is a new monthly communications initiative to get to know some of the talented and experienced faculty, staff, and partners the school is fortunate to be working with to become a leader in innovative solutions to health inequities and an institution that transforms community healthcare with evidence-based approaches.

We selected a Facebook live so we can interact during and after the conversation with viewers through this platform. The full video conversation is available to view on the USF School of Nursing and Health Professionals Facebook page.

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