Milestone Moment

Students and parents give each other college advice, and talk about why they chose USF

By ARVIN TEMKAR, USF NEWS Posted Mon, 08/21/2017 - 16:06

On Aug. 19, friends and family members helped new Dons get settled into their residence halls for Move-In Day. Cars piled with suitcases and boxes lined the streets and students wandered the campus, soaking in the sights and sounds of a new home. The class of 2021 consists of about 1,500 students from across the nation and from countries including China, Canada, and India.

USF News spoke to some families and asked why they chose USF and what advice parents and students have for each other. 

 New student Christopher Reyes posing with his family on USF campus

Christopher Reyes’ parents came from Guam to help him settle into life at USF, and his aunt and cousin came from San Diego.

“I visited in 2015 and I liked the campus,” Christopher (second from right) said. “I’m a business major and [USF] has a really good business program.”

He’s looking forward to the cool San Francisco weather — a relief from Guam’s tropical heat.

 New USF student Matthew Brown poses with his family on USF's campus

Matthew Brown (center), from Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California, said he is looking forward to college because he will finally be independent.

“Don’t call me,” his father, Eugene (left), joked. 

“Good luck, study hard, have fun,” his mother, Cherry (right), said.

New student Joseph Oliva poses with his family on USF's campus

 San Francisco native Joseph Oliva (center) chose USF because he wanted to be in a university environment where “everyone’s really accepting.” 

“Network as much as you can, form study groups, stay focused, and don’t procrastinate,” his mother, Beatrice Hernandez DeMontecio (right), advised.

New student Erin Chitwood poses with his family on USF's campus

Amy Chitwood (left) hopes her daughter, Erin (center), will “find what she loves to do, what she’s passionate about, and find a place that God has for her to walk.”

New student Ali Pyle poses with his family on USF's campus

San Francisco already feels like home for Ali Pyle (left), who moved to the city from Boulder, Colorado.

“San Francisco reminds me a lot of Boulder,” she says. “Everyone I’ve met is really cool, and it’s a beautiful city to live in. My sister also lives here.”

New student Tatum Myers poses with her family on USF's campus

When Tatum Myers (center) was asked if she had anything to say to her parents on Move-In Day, her father, Mike (right), joked, “Send money.”

Tatum’s real advice to her parents: “Relax and take it easy.”

New student Hana Tabbaa poses with her family on USF's campus

“Be safe and I love you so much,” Manal Tabbaa (second from right) told her daughter, Hana (center), a first-generation college student. “I want to see the best of [you]. I believe in you.” 

Hana, from Orange County, is looking forward to having a university experience after attending community college. 

 New student Sandy Nguyen poses with her family on USF's campus

 “Thank you for everything, for the sacrifice,” first-generation student Sandy Nguyen (center) of Newbury Park, California, told her parents. She said her studies are “not only for me, but for you guys.”

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