Meet Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Comeback Kid

Posted Thu, 01/08/2015 - 16:00

In the spring of 1984, Ramona Pierson MA ’03 was more dead than alive.

The then-U.S. Marine was out for a jog when a hit-and-run driver ran her over. She was left bleeding on the side of the road with more than 100 broken bones, a slashed aorta, and a catalogue of other injuries that made survival a miracle at best.

Ramona Pierson MA '03

Find a calling

After performing countless surgeries, doctors had all but given up on 24-year-old Pierson. She was blind and bald and weighed just 68 pounds. They sent her to a nursing home to live out her final chapter — but it turned out to be a new beginning.

Pierson’s is more than a story of survival. Through her struggles to relearn how to walk and talk, she found a calling at the intersection of education and technology. She sold her first Silicon Valley startup for $10 million, and now she’s on her second. Her goal, she says, is to change the way we learn.

Read about her unlikely journey in the Winter 2015 issue of USF Magazine, online now and in mailboxes this week.

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