Gift Establishes STEM Scholarships for Students

Posted Wed, 06/13/2018 - 15:34

Ruth Parasol '88, a former online gaming company executive, has pledged $400,000 through her philanthropic trust to USF for scholarships for STEM students who might not otherwise be able to attend the university.

Ruth ParasolThe gift provides for four-year scholarships to two female students in the STEM field. The Parasol Foundation Trust Scholarship will support undergraduate students in good standing with demonstrated financial need. Students and families do not need to take any special action to apply for this scholarship. Funds will be made available through the regular financial aid process to those applicants who file a timely financial aid application and are chosen for the scholarship.

A business major, Parasol saw international success with her online gaming company, PartyGaming, and its IPO on the London stock exchange in 2005.

“Our time, success and fortune are borrowed," said Parasol. "You can never give or appreciate enough, but every effort helps. Here, at The Parasol Foundation Trust, we enable change by supporting talented individuals and core centers of health and education, in order to create a better future for the next generation. Through education, cutting-edge technologies, advanced medical treatments and culture preservation, we hope to contribute to a better and brighter future."