Undergraduate Programs

  • Community Empowerment Activists
    Student leaders participate in internships with local organizations mobilizing grassroots campaigns on issues like housing and displacement, access to education, the prison industrial complex, youth empowerment, homelessness, and immigration and labor rights. Students learn leadership skills for social justice through hands-on practice at their host organizations, ongoing class meetings, building with community leaders, and professional development workshops.
  • Public Service and Community Engagement Minor
    This interdisciplinary 20-unit minor drives students from diverse majors to analyze intersections between themselves and their communities and explore social justice issues. At the same time, students will discover opportunities to develop and implement skills for effective civic engagement and social change.
  • McCarthy Fellows in Sacramento
    In this summer program, McCarthy Fellows spend 12 weeks in full-time internships at Sacramento institutions that contribute to the California policy-making process.
  • McCarthy Fellows in San Francisco
    Fellows in SF is a semester-long program that integrates a part-time internship with the City & County of San Francisco alongside a relevant academic seminar course taught by USF faculty in the Politics Department.
  • USF in Washington, DC
    USF in DC is a semester-long program in Washington, DC that integrates a full-time internship with relevant coursework taught by USF faculty and University of California Washington Program (UC DC) faculty.
  • USFVotes
    Making every student a voter is the goal of USFVotes, the Leo T. McCarthy Center’s initiative to register all eligible USF students, educate them about issues and candidates, and turn out registered voters at election time. As a student-led initiative, we host events and partner with internal and external stakeholders to get out the vote.