Jacqlyn Westhusing, MBA ’16

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"The resources at USF are unparalleled and the university itself adds value to the student experience so that we’re not just growing as professionals, but as people."

For Jacqlyn Westhusing, Earning Her MBA at USF Has Opened Professional Possibilities

Bay Area native Jacqlyn Westhusing, MBA ’16, has a background in Business Analytics but always knew she wanted to pursue an MBA degree because it would be a great launching point to further her career.

Westhusing chose the University of San Francisco (USF) because it aligned with everything she was looking for in a school.

“I love the small class sizes, our intimate community, the strong focus on ethics and doing good, the diverse student body,” she said. “It makes for a truly dynamic learning environment. I love everything the university stands for.”

Westhusing decided on the full-time MBA program.

“I chose the full-time program because I was looking for a degree of immersion that I don’t think would have been possible if I were working at the same time,” she said. “I was unhappy in my role, and I needed to stop completely, reset and refresh. On top of that, I wanted to be able to immerse myself in everything the program had to offer. The full-time program’s schedule operates during the day, which allows me time to take on leadership roles in the afternoons, to be involved in all the clubs, and really take advantage of all the incredible resources USF has to offer.”

Westhusing jumped in with both feet. Not only did she find the immersion she was looking for but the program led to both unexpected professional and personal growth. Now an employee experience intern at Airbnb, she is pursuing a career in Human Resources and Organizational Development.

“Going into it, I never could have predicted how much value the program added not just to my business knowledge but to myself as a person,” she said. “USF’s resources alone are unparalleled; everything from career services to the incredible wealth of knowledge that the faculty and alumni possess adds value to the student experience.”

One of the greatest contributing factors to Westhusing’s sense of personal growth while at USF is her cohort.

“It’s a testament to how great the program is that it not only has the accredited local and domestic draw but the international draw, too,” she said. “I’m one of the only Bay Area natives, and there are 14 different countries represented in my year alone.”

Westhusing has made lasting friendships in her international cohort.

The diversity of your cohort brings a richness to your learning experience,” she said. “Experiencing different points of view are extremely valuable and eye-opening and have taught me to see the world in a multitude of different ways. Some of the brightest minds in the whole world come to learn here, and it’s an honor to be in a classroom with them.

To anyone who is interested in pursuing an MBA, Westhusing strongly recommends USF’s program.

“Open those doors, expand your network, immerse yourself completely,” she said.


MBA (Master of Business Administration)