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Professional Bachelor's Degree Program Online Registration Information

Summer & Fall 2015 Semester
Registration Information


Dear Professional Bachelor's Degree Program Student:

As you register online for your Summer and Fall 2015 classes, you may wish to refer to the BSM Cohort Schedule to assist you with your registration. (Please note that this schedule is subject to change.)

The BSM Cohort Schedule reflects the courses offered by campus and by cohort. The weeknight the class meets is designated next to the course number -- i.e., [M] is for Monday, [T] Tuesday, [W] Wednesday, [R] Thursday. Saturday sessions will be scheduled at least three months prior to the start of the course.

To use the spreadsheet, for example, if you are a member of Cohort 24 at the Pleasanton Campus, you should take BSM 304 and BSM 326 (Monday nights) in Summer 2015, BSM 440 and BSM 441 (Tuesday nights) during the Fall 2015 semester, and BSM 442 and BSM 443 (Monday nights) in Spring 2016. You complete the program in Summer 2016 with BSM 302 and BSM 303. 

If the Cohort Schedule indicates that you should register for two elective courses, please refer to the schedule of classes online and work in consultation with your CASA Academic Success Coach (

Once you have the CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) for the classes you need, please click on this link for instructions on how to register.

BSM Cohort Schedule