Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Organizational Behavior and Leadership

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Leadership requires understanding human behavior within the organizational context.

The Organizational Behavior & Leadership (OBL) major teaches you to actively investigate organizational life, providing you with the conceptual and practical tools to effectively management and lead complex organizations. Our Jesuit values of moral and ethical leadership, social justice, and service to others provide the inspiration and the core for the program’s curriculum.

Major in Organizational Behavior and Leadership with the B.S. in Business Administration

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There are a lot of opportunities beyond the classroom. If you want to get out there and learn more about technology or learn more about finance, you can find an alumnus or professor who will set you up with a company or somebody in the city who's really looking out for your best interest. You can easily immerse yourself in San Francisco's professional culture.

Michael Kuykendall, BSBA ‘12

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