Hospitality Management International Students, Exchange & Study Abroad

Our student population is one of the most diverse of any university in the United States. If fact, we were named the NUMBER ONE school in the USA for minorities by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education! We celebrate and encourage a multicultural environment.

In keeping with that purpose, our focus is on a global education in hospitality management. Therefore, we welcome international students and provide opportunities for international student exchange and study abroad for all students.

International Students

Hospitality management students come from all parts of the USA and 25% are international students. More specifically, here is what a couple of our international students had to say about their choice of studying hospitality management at USF.

Two things I really appreciate about the hospitality management major at USF are the skills I learned in the hospitality professional development class that helped me to establish a professional presence for future jobs and the opportunity I had to attend the Annual Hospitality Industry Symposium the department hosts for the Bay Area hospitality industry executives. What a great chance it is to network with industry professionals. ZHOU Dai Zoe '13 from Beijing, PR China

  • Some good reasons to consider studying hospitality management at USF if you are an international student:
  • San Francisco is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, which helps international students adjust to a different country more effectively.
  • We have built relationships with global hospitality industry companies offering opportunities for internships and careers in all parts of the world.
  • Our faculty is internationally and culturally diverse. Most also have experience in teaching, as well as living overseas. So, we understand how to relate to students from different cultures.
  • USF has an excellent International Student and Scholar Services team to help you while you are studying here.

Hospitality Management Program (English)

Hospitality Management Program (Chinese)

International Exchange and Study Abroad

Part of a global education in the field of hospitality management is learning more about how business is done other parts of the world. Therefore, we highly encourage our students to consider studying for a semester overseas. In that regard, we have established international student exchange agreements with other universities that have hospitality and tourism management programs. We also have students from those universities who come to USF for a semester adding further to our global perspective. Additionally, we have agreements with other universities who offer study abroad opportunities focused on hospitality management for a semester or a summer. We work closely with our Center for Global Education to connect our students with these opportunities.

Three specific hospitality and tourism management programs with student exchange are:

Additionally, we have joined the Global Hospitality Management Program with partner universities Hotel Management School Maastricht in the Netherlands and Chinese University Hong Kong in Hong Kong. This is a three university exchange program giving the student the opportunity to study on three continents over an 18-month period. The first semester will begin in Hong Kong next Fall semester.

Here is link to a video from our Department Chair with a personalized message on our student exchange programs.

Hear more from Marian Janes on her experience of studying at TSI in Barcelona, Spain in Spring 2014.

Please contact the Department of Hospitality Management office for further information on these programs.

Having the opportunity to live in and experience one of the best American tourist cities; studying in a learning environment with a high student to professor ratio where I get to actually interact with my teachers and know them personally; and experiencing the opportunity to build my own network for future employment as the result of the 800-hours of internship in the industry I completed - these are three of the millions of reasons why I chose the Hospitality Management major at the University of San Francisco. ZHANG Han '12 from Dalian, PR China