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Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe)

The Department of Hospitality Management is holding its third annual USF Hospitality Management Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe) on April 13, 2015 at the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco. SIXe is a morning business and networking session for Hospitality Management majors and minors at USF focusing on professional career development and industry networking with a select group of invited hospitality companies. The students join in the program as attendees and organizers of the event to give them “real world” experience and networking opportunities. The event is framed around “Company Elevator Pitch” sessions which are designed especially for companies who want to let our hospitality management students know more about who they are. The “Company Elevator Pitch” sessions are open to company representatives who wish to participate as a table host in the session program. Our objective is to expose students to companies who have a demonstrated a history of excellence. We are particularly focused on involving companies in the “Company Elevator Pitch” session who exemplify our three pillars of excellence.

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Senior Executive Roundtable

This year, we are launching a new initiative designed to better serve the hospitality industry in San Francisco. Our objective is to identify important issues facing the industry and then provide research support and potential solutions to help address the issues. Our first Senior Executive Roundtable will address "bad street behavior" in San Francisco. The research is being supported by the San Francisco Hotel Council.

Past Hospitality Industry Annual Symposiums

The Department of Hospitality Management held an annual Hospitality Industry Symposium up until 2012. The objectives of the Symposium are now incorporated in two new events, the Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe) and the Senior Executive Roundtable. However, previous Symposium programs are available through this link.