Student Industry Exchange Event (SIXe)

April 1, 2016

The Department of Hospitality Management is holding its fourth annual USF Hospitality Management Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe) on April 1, 2016 in the McLaren complex at USF.

Completely organized, executed, and attended by hospitality management students, SIXe is a business networking session focusing on professional career development with a select group of invited hospitality companies.

The objective is to expose students to companies who have a demonstrated history of excellence, and to “real world” business and networking opportunities.

The event is designed especially for those companies that want to educate students about who they are by meeting with them in small, concentrated groups throughout the event.

This enables companies to meet students one on one, to promote their company, and to share job and internship opportunities specifically to those who are interested in the hospitality industry.

Here is the official list of companies who are Sponsors or will be CEP Table Hosts for the 4th Annual Student Industry Exchange event!  

SIXe Sponsor: Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and San Francisco Travel Association

USF Undergraduate Business Minor in Hospitality Sponsor Fairmont Hotels and Resorts          USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

 Networking Reception Sponsor: Bon Appétit Management CompanyBon Appétit - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

CEP Table Hosts

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

USF Undergraduate Business Minor in Hospitality Sponsor Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

San Francisco Travel Association

USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

Bon Appétit Management Company

Bon Appétit - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor 


Bay Club

Bay Club - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

Highgate Hotels

USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

Hillstone Restaurant Group

Hillstone Restaurant Group - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

Hornblower Cruises and Events

Hornblower Cruises and Events - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

Taste Catering and Event Planning 

Taste Catering and Event Planning - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor

Giants Enterprises - USF Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Sponsor Resume Contest Sponsor: Giants Enterprises
While they are unable to attend this year's SIXe, we would like to thank Giants Enterprises for once again being this year's Resume Contest Sponsor!

SIXe 2016 Managers

Saphire Wang, Catering Manager

USF Hospitality Management Student Saphire WangSaphire is a junior majoring in Hospitality Management at USF. She was born and raised in China and her interests toward Hospitality came from her grandfather. They always traveled together since she was two years old and they created many precious memories. She was the community service coordinator for USF’s CMAA student chapter, but is now the treasurer. Her volunteer experiences with CMAA have given her a lot of networking opportunities with private club managers. She worked for Bon Appetit at USF for two years and currently works as a hostess at Epic Steak. Saphire has a lot experience in restaurants and she is planning to try different fields at hotels. Upon graduation in December, she plans to pursue a career at a private club and obtain a master degree in Hospitality Management.

Megan Austin, Marketing Manager 

Megan Austin is a senior Hospitality Management student at the University of San Francisco. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has an immense passion for cooking and the hospitality industry, prompting her to attend USF to learn how to become a leader in the industry. She currently works for the Hospitality Management Department, as the Student Assistant, as well as for Thomas Maier, Ph.D., as his Research Assistant. She is also a member of the leadership team for the Hospitality Management Association, as the Executive Assistant. Throughout her collegiate career, she has held multiple internships in the Hospitality Industry. Her first industry experience was at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where she worked as a front desk agent. The next summer, she had the opportunity to intern at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas as a Baker’s Assistant in the pastry kitchen. She gained valuable experience in learning how to mass-produce high-quality products to both the Paris Hotel and its surrounding properties. Her final industry internship was at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, also in Las Vegas, where she completed a 10-week Managerial Internship Program, learning and practicing all aspects of managing both front and back of the house of a fine dining restaurant. In her spare time, Megan enjoys playing her guitar, attending concerts, practicing new recipes, and hiking throughout the Bay Area.

Xiaoyue “Jenny” Yin, Registration Manager

USF Hospitality Management Student Xiaoyue Jenny Yang

Before arriving at USF, Jenny Yin — a senior hospitality management major from Qingdao, China — worked for a French restaurant in her hometown. During that time, she realized she had a passion for the hospitality industry and working alongside people from around the world. While enrolled at USF, Jenny completed a food and beverage internship at The Westin Qingdao and a housekeeping internship at InterContinental San Francisco. She is vice president of finance for the Hospitality Management Association, a student assistant for USF’s International Student and Scholar Services, a marketing assistant for Bon Appétit Management Company, and the registration manager for USF’s annual Student Industry Exchange Event (SIXe).

Dayeon Choi, Communications Manager

Dayeon Choi, who also goes by Thai, grew up in Seoul, South Korea where she was exposed to tourists and different hospitality industries. When she first came to the University of San Francisco, she did not know which major she wanted to go into, but after thinking about what she really likes to do, such as helping people, she knew that hospitality was the right track for her. Currently, Dayeon works at Red Dog as a hostess and loves it. Eventually, she wants to work wiinth hotels and restaurants, but for now she is getting her experience in in event, and different private club management. With the connections Dayeon has made, and the experience she has had and will have in the future, she is excited to be in the work force and share her passion for hospitality with others.

Meliana Hakim, Finance Manager

Meliana Hakim is a Senior at University of San Francisco, majoring in Hospitality Management. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, she was exposed to multiple cultures and backgrounds of hotel and restaurants that led her to pursue her career in the industry. She has worked as a summer intern at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta in the Human Resources and Social Events departments, and, after living in San Francisco for more than a year and being immersed in the lifestyle of San Franciscans, Meliana became interested in café management. She works part-time job as a cashier and barista at Hollow, a local coffee shop in Inner Sunset. She has been actively involved with the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) at USF as the Events Coordinator, and is currently the Finance Manager for the Corporate Events Management class led by Professor Michelle Millar. Upon graduation, she will continue to pursue her interest in the private clubs, restaurants, and social events industries.

Murphy Grimaldi, Event Logistics Manager

Throughout my years at USF, I have worked in a hotel as a Housekeeping Supervisor, Front Desk Manager and a hostess at their restaurant and then worked at a photo production company assisting in the productions of photo shoots, hiring the transportation and caterers. I also booked the talent, their hotel rooms, the venue and everything in between. When I wasn’t in the office, I would work on-set as a Production Assistant. I have assisted in many on campus events and organizing in everyday events. I am the SIXE Event Logistics Manager. My job is to create the flow of the event including how long each speaker will speak and how many minutes each activity will take place.

Jennifer Eacheagaray, Talent Manager

Jennifer EcheagarayJennifer is a Senior in the Meeting and Events Track graduating from the Hospitality Management program this May. She grew up in Southern California and moved to the city with hopes of making her family proud. She fell in love with events when her mother asked her to help with her school's Spring Festival at 10 years old. She remembers loving every part of it from drawing the event space in her notebook, the late nights of making decorations, and planning every second of the logistics. She continued planning more events for her student body in high school and at USF she's planned events for New Student Orientation and the Greek community.

Jennifer has had the opportunity to intern at companies like Zerve, The Bay Club, and currently works for the San Francisco Business Times as their Events Intern. She is mostly excited to apply her skills she’s gained from her past leadership and internship experiences. Jennifer is currently serving as the Talent Manager on the SIXe team and looks forward to getting everyone excited for SIXe!