Alumni & Advisory Board

Hospitality Management Alumni and Advisory Board

We are very proud of our alumni from more than 25 years of offering studies in hospitality management. More than 25% of our graduates in the hospitality management industry hold positions at the department director level or above, with 9% being owners, CEOs, or presidents. The largest percentage of our alumni are working in hotels, with restaurants being the second largest employer. One-third of our graduates can boast that they are in food and beverage related positions; another one-third are in development, real estate, and finance; and more than 25% are working in meeting and event-related positions.

If you are an alum, please contact us and let us know what you are doing today, let's keep in touch.

Hospitality Industry Advisory Board

We maintain close ties with the industry and have our own Hospitality Industry Advisory Board made up of industry leaders from all sectors of the business. Our Advisory Board is actively involved in a number of key ways with our department that include:

  • Annual Student Industry Exchange and other educational programs
  • Advising on our curriculum
  • Visiting us on campus as guest speakers in our classrooms
  • Linking students to internship and career opportunities, as well as mentorship
  • Assisting with fund raising, particularly for special projects to benefit the department and our students

Here is a link to a list of all of our Advisory Board members.