What is the School of Management Honors Program?

The School of Management (SOM) - Honors Program (HP) at University of San Francisco caters to high-achieving undergraduate business students. Honors students are required to take honors-level business courses and participate in co-curricular activities that reflect the four pillars of the program: social, professional, academic, and service. Co-curricular activities are student-led while honors-level courses are taught by SOM faculty who have industry experience and provide academic support.

What does the program offer me?

By connecting with SOM - HP alumni and business professionals, the program helps launch your career after graduation. Additionally, honors students benefit from small classes with access to high-quality professors and priority class registration. Upon fulfilling the SOM - HP requirements, honors students will receive special sashes for graduation and will be identified as a School of Management Honors Program Scholar on their transcripts.

What is the difference between the School of Management Honors Program and the Honors College?

The Honors College is the hub for nearly all honors programs at USF, including the Saint Ignatius Institute, Black Scholars Program, and honors tracks within majors. Students can be accepted upon admission or can join as a current student, depending on the requirements of the specified program.

The School of Management - Honors Program admits qualified business students in the Spring semester of their first year. Students start the School of Management Honors Program from the first semester of their Sophomore year.

How do I apply?

High-achieving students will be invited to apply to the SOM - Honors Program in the Spring semester of their first year. For more information, please contact the Program Director.

What are the necessary prerequisite (and deferred) courses?

Qualified candidates must fulfill the following courses prior to the fall semester of their second year to start the Honors course sequence with their cohort:

Have taken: Launch into Business, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting
Have fulfilled: University core A2 Rhetoric Requirement
Defer: All business core courses listed in your degree evaluation

Do I have to take all my business classes with my Honors cohort only?

The eight required Honors Program courses are required of ALL business students. Honors students take these eight courses together with their cohort to build cohort cohesiveness. There are no extra courses required specifically for the Honors Program.

Honors students can take their major courses and other USF-required courses with other university students.

Does the program only permit particular majors?

The SOM Honors Program welcomes all undergraduate business majors.

How many students are in a class?

Classes have around 25-30 students and are structured around a cohort model. Students admitted to the honors program will be placed into a cohort and take courses with their cohort throughout their time in the program.

Will I take major-specific classes with my cohort?

SOM - HP courses consist of upper-division ‘honors-level’ core business courses only. There are no honors-level, major-specific courses.

I’m a current USF student, and I'm not a first-year. May I apply to the program?

If a qualified student has not yet taken the required honors classes, they may still be allowed to apply to the program. Once accepted, students will be placed in a cohort and take these honors classes together with their cohort throughout their time in the program. Please contact the Program Director for more information.

I’m a transfer student, may I apply to the program?

If a qualified transfer student has not yet taken the required business core classes, the student may be able to apply to the program. Please contact the Program Director for individual consideration.

Is there a minimum GPA to remain in the program?

Yes, honors students must fulfill and maintain a 3.50 cumulative GPA to be in good standing.

Will I graduate on time in the program?

Yes, the program does not slow you down in any way. Honors faculty will work with you to help you stay on track toward graduation. Many students do a semester abroad, double major or minor in other academic areas, and still graduate in four years or less.

Do I get special housing arrangements in the program?

At this time, the program does not provide special housing.

What if I start the program curriculum but don’t complete it?

Credits for core courses that you take within the program will count toward graduation even if you leave the SOM - HP.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact?

If you have additional questions, you can contact the SOM - HP, Program Director.