Finance is the rare major that sets you apart from similar degrees while also providing employment opportunities across a wide spectrum of fields. Two major career fields are Financial Services and Corporate Finance.

Not only does a finance degree from USF confirm you as employable in roles across the business sector, but it also opens doors to industries that traditionally have nothing to do with finance.

Consider this: every type of business, from your local bookstore to Amazon itself, needs to have at least one employee who understands how money works and moves in an economy.

With a finance degree from USF, that one employee might well be you.

USF taught me that being successful is not only about being “book smart,” but also about being “street smart.” I think that to thrive in your career, you need to have a good balance between the two. It is just as important to be an expert in your field as it is to be able to confidently present your findings in that field."

Nashiya Moosa '16
BS Business Administration, Finance
Treasury Management Analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch


I left USF knowing how to master Excel, use formulas to build models for forecasting revenue, and understanding the different financial scenarios that could play out in a company. I left with in-depth accounting knowledge, a thorough comprehension of the principles of finance, and also (and most importantly) HOW TO READ A FINANCIAL STATEMENT. This does not just mean knowing what goes into each section, but fully understanding what that information signifies."

Daniel Twomey '15
BS Business Administration, Finance
Financial Analyst at PlanGrid

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