Hospitality Management Minor for Non-Business Majors


  • Formal knowledge and training in business aspects of the hospitality industry
  • Intense concentration of business and hospitality management class
  • Classes provide a basic foundation and knowledge of the industry
  • Classes enhance a student's competitive "positioning" in seeking management opportunities
  • Hospitality classes are "industry-linked" and have direct industry application
  • All classes are taught by professionals, with a combined total of over 120 years of hands-on industry experience, including management and ownership in aspects of restaurants, hotels, culinary, beverage, sales and marketing, finance, tourism and travel
  • The faculty's network is extensive, their industry knowledge is current, and their enthusiasm and passion for the industry is beyond compare 

Curriculum Requirements

20-units minor in Hospitality Industry Management for non-Business majors (courses are 4 units unless otherwise noted)

8-required business units:

  • BUS 201 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BUS 304 Management and Organization Dynamics (meets the SL university requirement)

12-required Hospitality Industry Management units:

  • BUS 188 Introduction to Hospitality Industry and Professional Development

Then select 8 units from the following:

  • BUS 380 Food Service, Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship
  • BUS 386 Meeting and Event Planning
  • BUS 387 Beverage Management (2 units - 7 weeks)
  • BUS 388 Service Management
  • BUS 389 Fundamentals of Culinary Arts (2 units - 7 weeks)
  • BUS 480 Optimizing Revenue in the Hospitality Industry
  • BUS 484 Hotel Management
  • BUS 486 Convention, Exhibition and Venue Management

Additional Requirements for Graduation

  • Required 400-hour hospitality industry related work experience
    (Coordinated through Hospitality Management office)


For more information, download the Hospitality Minor Flyer (PDF)