Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Minor Philosophy

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is about creation and change. The E&I minor will provide the analytical tools and practical experiences to help you identify and employ alternative methods to effect positive change in your chosen field and major.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learning Goals

Graduates of the School of Management E&I minor will be creative, thoughtful, and determined professionals. You will be able to apply your analytical skills and major content area to develop and persuasively present well-planned and socially responsible ventures and innovations in your chosen field.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learning Outcomes

Build capability and demonstrate excellence in following areas:

  • Creativity, Innovation, and Applied Design (product and service)
  • Technology and Online Business Expertise (e.g. business website development and on-line tools)
  • Entrepreneurial Planning and Communication – Financial, Marketing, Strategic (e.g. business plan and plan presentation)
  • Entrepreneurial and Innovative Experience in Area of Interest (start-up, social venture, family business, not-for-profit and public organizations)
  • Sustainable Business Practices and Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals (concepts integrated into professional projects)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor Flyer


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