Minor in Business

The McLaren School of Management offers a Minor in General Business for students declaring majors in disciplines other than business.

The General Business Minor provides the non-business major with a background in business to complement their current field and future careers. The Minor is reflected on a students' transcript and requires a letter grade and a minimum GPA of "C" (2.0). Students interested in a Business Minor should consult with advisors in the McLaren School of Management to declare the Minor and to review the specific course requirements and necessary prerequisites for the courses.

General Business Minor Courses (20 credits)

Required (12 credits) — Minor courses may be taken in any order after or concurrently with BUS 201.

  • BUS 201 – Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BUS 302 – Marketing Principles
  • BUS 304 – Management and Organizational Dynamics

Electives — Select an additional 8 credits from a wide range of undergraduate 200-400 level Business courses, so long as course prerequisites are met.


For more information, download the Business Minor Flyer (PDF)

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