New Fall 2015 Courses

School of Management new undergraduate business courses 

USF University of San Francisco Business Course 359 in Fall 2015BUS 359: Doing Business with China

Thursdays 6:30 PM - 10:10 PM
Taught by Professor Stanley Kwong

BUS 359

This course will provide insights and strategies in marketing to China, while recognizing the threats and risks. It will examine emerging issues and trends such as urbanization, and the rise of the mass consumer, as well as the economic, political and cultural challenges of doing business in China.

USF Fall 2015 Course BUS 473 Thought Leadership

BUS 473: Thought Leadership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Wednesdays 11:45 AM - 3:25 PM
Taught by Professor Mark Cannice

BUS 473

BUS 473 counts as a 4 credit entrepreneurship and innovation elective, a business administration elective, or general elective. All USF seniors and juniors are eligible; there are no prerequisites. Students from all disciplines who enjoy reading scholarly articles, gaining insights from industry professionals, and learning to write a thought provoking white paper designed to support their career aspirations are encouraged to enroll. Class size is limited.

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