Humanitarian & Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Internships and Company Partnerships
University of San Francisco is in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship capital of the world. Students regularly partner with local companies for class projects and internships. 

Salesforce Academic Alliance
Salesforce and USF School of Management are taking their relationship to the next level. Salesforce is not just a short walk from our downtown campus, but a force to be reckoned with, especially after joining with our School of Management to change the world from here.

Academic Global Immersion
Academic Global Immersions offer an experience-based course that prepares you for leadership roles where you will engage with people and institutions around the globe. Travel abroad and participate in projects that will enhance your entrepreneurial experience and prepare you to operate in a more just world of cultural understanding.

Humanitarian Involvement

The USF School of Management places the service of humankind at the core of its values. Students have numerous opportunities to service the local community, witness the daily struggle faced by our fellow citizens, and question and challenge the systems that perpetuate suffering.

About Community-Engaged Learning

Service Learning and Community-Engaged Learning is a required component of our undergraduate curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to address the needs of our community and our citizens. Management students lend their knowledge in practical ways to a variety of nonprofit organizations to improve their operations and further their development. At La Cocina, for example — an incubator for entrepreneurs in the food industry — our students work with women who are taking the first steps toward their own businesses, and thereby to prosperity for themselves and their families.

October Outreach & April Action
During the months of October and April, USF students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to spend a day volunteering in service around the San Francisco Bay Area. In collaboration with a variety of Bay Area nonprofits, October Outreach and April Action events have supported Glide Memorial, Saint Vincent De Paul Center, Habitat for Humanity, SF Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Project Open Hand, Hayes Convalescent Hospital, Veterans Hospital, St. Ignatius Shelter Meal, Ocean Beach, and many more.

My favorite class at USF was a service learning class called Management and Organizational Dynamics. I not only learned about the subject material but also learned a lot about myself and what kind of person I want to be in the future. I would honestly say that I am a better person and definitely grew in character because of this class. Its service learning aspect taught me how to help others and be more self-aware, and helped me to focus on how I can affect people in a better way."Jerwin Almazar '18
BS Business Administration, Accounting