Cara Brennan Allamano, Master of Science in Organizational Development '04

Satellites and Human Resources

VP of People at Planet Inc., and alumna Cara Brennan Allamano MSOD ‘04, says USF’s Master of Science in Organizational Development launched her success in Human Resources.

“It was great to be in [USF] classes early in my career... I learned so much from my classmates about what it meant to be an HR person.” 13 years and many influential companies later – including positions with Pinterest and Adobe – Cara is now Vice President of the Human Resources function at Planet, a satellite-building company devoted to changing the world of agriculture, climate change, politics, and even environmental concerns.

When Cara found her passion in Human Resources as a recruiter at Knight Ridden in 2001, she immediately decided to delve further into HR by pursuing USF's Master of Science in Organizational Development (MSOD) degree.

Still early in her HR career, while attending USF, Cara says she learned the most about HR through the mentorship and the many levels of experience of her fellow Dons.

It was a diverse class. Some people were early in their HR careers like me and some were later in their careers and everyone had something useful to contribute.

According to Cara, the MSOD program gave her an advantageous start in the working world. “After I graduated, the vice president [of my company at the time] looked at my resume with my USF degree on it and said, ‘Oh, you’re serious about this"; he could tell I wasn’t just another HR administrator and he promoted me to a manager position”.

In the following years, Cara would work for international ad agency Young & Rubican, infomercial company Guthy Renker, Adobe, Pinterest, and several startups.


Cara remains inspired by HR and its many facets and is now Vice President of People at Planet, a socially and environmentally conscious company that builds Satellites in order to capture earth data. Planet aims to help solve major problems in agriculture, climate change, politics, and the environment using high-quality image and tracking data. 


“At Planet, I have had the privilege of leading the HR function… I get to work with brilliant rocket scientists every day!”

Article by Tilda Gross