The China Business Studies Initiative Prepares To Go Beyond Silicon Valley

Student Ambassadors from USF will end the spring 2017 semester with summer travels - to Beijing!

By USF China Business Studies Initiative Posted Fri, 01/27/2017 - 12:11

Student Ambassadors from USF will end the spring 2017 semester with summer travels — to Beijing! This international trip will be for the 2nd annual China Business Studies Initiative (CBSI) International conference. Students who have been assisting in the preparation for the conference shared their excitement, hopes, and anticipation for the upcoming event.

The 2nd annual China Business Studies Initiative (CBSI) international conference "China Innovation and Global Integration: Silicon Valley and Beyond," will be held from May 17-19 in Beijing, China.

The conference has been co-organized by USF School of Management's China Business Studies Initiative, Beijing University School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and World Federations for Overseas Chinese Associations.

The event will focus on global innovation and collaboration, which according to Yang, promises expanded global business trade for China and beyond. The conference's web page presents the questions that will be addressed at the conference:

How will Chinese innovation and global integration change China and the world? What are the opportunities and threats? How should global institutions respond in order to make China and the rest of the world a better place for the next generation?"

Thirty students from USF's Student Ambassador Program will make the trip and attend the event — but the conference is not exclusively for students. Rather, what makes the event so unique is that it will bring together a variety of business leaders and innovators along with the numerous scholars, industry experts, and thought leaders that will attend as presenters.

Alyse Andre BSBA '19 is a student ambassador as well as the Vice President of the Women in Business Club. "I recently visited China last October, and once I heard of the opportunity to go back, I was interested in helping plan the event," she said, explaining that she wanted to get involved and "help make the conference the best opportunity for students and to make sure it was worthwhile and beneficial."

Besides her love of travel and desire to revisit China, Andre said she wants to attend the event to "represent USF, work with like-minded students, and make connections with people from around the world." She also explained that she is interested in seeing "how the students will take their opportunities while in China, and whether they decide to stay there and travel, find an internship, and make connections with the conference attendees."

Nikolaus Jacobs BSBA '18 is another student ambassador and president of USF's International Business Club. He said he got involved with the Student Ambassador Program (SAP) because "Professor Yang and the whole CBSI team were looking for a group of students who have proved that they are able to organize events at the university." He explained that "As president of the International Business Club, [Professor Yang] thought I would be a good person to be part of this team."

Jacobs, along with five other student ambassadors and three faculty advisers, organized "everything surrounding the program," including "promoting the SAP, organizing the application, selecting the students together with the faculty, and later on, coordinating the students who attend the conference." He has sent in his application to attend the conference and is currently waiting to hear if he has been accepted.

For Jacobs, he said the Student Ambassador Program is "a great opportunity for every student," and "has already taught me more things that I thought it would ever do." Jacobs continued, "I gained a deep knowledge in organizing a team, I experienced [working closely] with professors and other faculty members, and I learned more about USF students and what they need and want."

Tiananmen Square in Beijing

For any student, he explained, the Student Ambassadors Program and CBSI International conference is "something they will remember for the rest of their lives." He said, "students who attend the conference through the SAP program will be traveling with 29 other highly motivated and interested students to China." Jacobs explains that the combination of visiting another part of the world and collaborating closely with business leaders will make the trip memorable for any student. This is why he wants to attend the event, he explained. "The conference will take place in a special location with special people."

Another student actively involved with CBSI at the School of Management is Elena Ying Pan BSBA '17, the president of the Asian Entrepreneurs Club (AEC). Elena will be a leadership team member in charge of cultural exhibition at the One Belt One Road Gala Event happening at USF  in February. She expressed her interest in the student ambassador program because of its uniqueness, as well as the assistance it provides students in regards to connecting off-campus.

"I feel I have this responsibility to engage in this program and bring more outstanding students to find their values," said Pan. She explained that Professor Yang, advisor of AEC, "always encourages us to bravely explore new projects." As for herself, Pan expressed her willingness and happiness for the opportunities the event provides in her participation: "It is a great opportunity for myself to get involved in this awesome event and program." Here in San Francisco, Pan said that with the cultural diversity of the city, "the special environment here encourages ‘one world one goal.'"

The One Belt, One Road, One World Gala Event will be taking place on the evening of February 8th, in the McLaren Conference Center. It will be the second panel event in the series, featuring a panel of experts — one of which is author, scholar, and former U.S. Assistant of Secretary of Defense, Honorable Chas W. Freeman Jr. The event will also give attendees the opportunity to gain significant insight on potential business partnerships with China's One Belt, One Road Initiative.

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By Lonny Wysard