Forbes Magazine Ranks USF in the Top 20 For Entrepreneurship

USF among fellow startup incubators like Stanford and Princeton universities

By Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management and Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs Posted Tue, 08/04/2015 - 05:07

We are proud to announce that the University of San Francisco (USF) has jumped two spots to number #19 in Forbes rankings of America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities, a list which includes fellow startup incubators like Stanford and Princeton universities.

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For a school that cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship, this acknowledgment further reinforces that we are delivering on our promises to students who come to USF’s School of Management from around the world looking for the knowledge and networks that will enable them to be tomorrow’s business leaders.

Forbes ranked USF against other U.S. research universities based on what they call an “entrepreneurial ratio”, which is the number of students and alumni identifying themselves as business owners or business founders on LinkedIn when compared to the school’s total student body.

Forbes’ numbers give a good snapshot of our success nurturing entrepreneurs and business leaders among the student body but there are a number of factors that attract students from all over the world to USF and enable their success.

  • Silicon Valley has moved north

USF is ideally located in the heart of both the start-up and tech capital of the world: San Francisco. Our downtown campus in the SOMA district is just around the corner from a number of exciting companies like Uber, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, giving USF students easy access to industry giants and thought leaders. Students also have the ability to easily attend a myriad of industry events like hackathons and workshops while balancing school and work.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Our  Entrepreneurship and Innovation department is lead by Professor Mark Cannice, Ph.D., an internationally recognized scholar of entrepreneurship and venture capital, known for his quarterly Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index Report.

The Forbes rank points to the environment we have created at USF that informs and supports the entrepreneurial endeavors of our students and alumni,” Cannice said.

The program prepares students to design, launch and grow new business ventures with courses like Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Development, Entrepreneurial Finance and Creativity, Innovation and Product Development.

  • Invaluable internships with hands-on experience

USF’s School of Management requires most students in the graduate program attend an internship and encourage them for the undergraduate students. Our faculty believes that an internship is the best way gain an understanding or entrepreneurship on a practical level.

Our administrators make sure that the internships are more than just answering phones and making copies, but real opportunities where students can hopefully get hired after their graduation.

  • Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management

Students in the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM) program spend a semester in Taipei, Taiwan, Barcelona, Spain and a semester in San Francisco. The MGEM curriculum is focused on studying entrepreneurship through a global lens and it immerses students in a global

business experience. During a venture capital course, students take a business idea and develop it throughout the semester they spend in Taiwan, focusing on how to get funding for their idea. Students also participate in a consulting course during which they are paired with companies, first in Barcelona and then again in their final semester, in San Francisco.

  • Entrepreneurship competitions

School of Management students participate in a number of competitions designed to provide them with entrepreneurial business experience like Startup Weekend, a program that encourages people with different skillsets to come together in just fifty-four hours, aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, form teams, build products and platforms and even launch companies.

According to the participants, the learning experience of events like Startup Weekend is more valuable than most teams’ final products. As one team noted in a blog post about their experience at USF’s Startup Weekend, they stressed that it is inevitable that someone else has already thought of your idea, and it’s your execution that counts.

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By Sara Reiner