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Reggie Daniels (BS OBL Alum and MSOD Candidate) Receives Black History Month Local Heroes Award

Reggie Daniels

Reggie Daniels, BS OBL alumnus and MSOD candidate, was also honored this month. As a Manalive Facilitator, Reggie has spent over a decade teaching communication and listening skills to men and violent offenders so that they can learn to translate their emotions into words instead of violence. He was recognized with the Black History Month Local Heroes Award and highlighted on KQED (Viewhere).

“The University of San Francisco has been, and continues to be, an essential part of my educational and personal growth” said Reggie. “USF has helped to enhance my knowledge of leadership organizational development in the business world. The Master’s Degree program is preparing me for management and leadership and has brought public and professional recognition for the services I provide. I love my MSOD 2014 Cohort! You rock!”

Written by Michele Owen