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Passion for Social Justice

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On October 13th, the School of Management mobilized close to 100 volunteers to pick up hammers, paint brushes and ladders at Habitat for Humanity’s current build site, a 36-unit residential complex located in Daly City. Habitat’s community liaison, Jamin Sartor, noted that this was one of the biggest turnouts they’ve ever seen, and in fact Habitat was forced to purchase additional hard hats. While many organizations provide financial support, they do not necessarily assist with labor. This was a need that USF was more than happy to address. 

Organizer, Erin Grogan, commented “I’m very proud to be here as a part of USF’s School of Management working with University Ministry and our campus parish, St. Ignatius Church, supporting Habitat create affordable housing in our community.  The construction of homes for others fulfills many of the tenets of our School’s values and extends from our Ignatian spirituality. Our service puts the University’s core values into action: working toward a common good that transcends the interests of particular individuals or groups; the moral dimension of every significant human choice: taking seriously how and who we choose to be in the world.” 

Funded by a Jesuit Foundation Grant, the build day was one of many service events offered by University Ministry’s October Outreach Program, which offers students a one-day immersion experience.  The School of Management expanded this outreach program to bring the parish community, faculty, and staff into the experience. Grogan, part of the School’s administration, believes service is especially purposeful for the School of Management, where future business leaders are challenged to build more productive and compassionate organizations. Service is especially meaningful for the School of Management, where future business leaders are educated to build more productive and compassionate organizations. The School’s mission is to educate our student on the importance of personal responsibility and integrity, open and disciplined inquiry, and a collaborative and enterprising spirit. Not just the bottom line.

Written by Erin Grogan