5 Reasons Why USF Is Perfect For Aspiring Marketers

U.S. News & World Report Top 25 Ranking for Marketing

By Business Administration Marketing Major Posted Wed, 02/01/2017 - 09:20

USF is not only in the best city ever - but it could be the best city ever for marketers.

According to LinkedIn, 3,116 USF alumni have pursued marketing, at top companies including Kaiser Permanente and Wells Fargo.

U.S. News & World Report's "Best Undergraduate Marketing Program Rankings" says that out of 825 business schools recognized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, USF placed in the top 25, along with the University of California at Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, and New York University.

Deemed #22 out of 825, USF undoubtedly lives up to its ranking. Here's why.

  1. Location, location, location
    USF is in a prime point on the grid for aspiring marketers as it is nestled in the heart of the Bay Area. Not only do students have access to San Francisco and the booming companies, businesses, and organizations the city offers, but they are also introduced to the pioneering region of Silicon Valley. According to marketing professor and department chair Nicholas Imparato, USF is in the "center of the technology ecosystem," allowing students to experience "guest and adjunct lecturers, technology oriented student projects, advisory opportunities, [and] job and career opportunities." Along with being in a great place on the map, marketing student Vaibhav Anand '17 emphasized how he liked the pertinent variety of classes the department offers.

    From Marketing Research to Consumer Behavior to Marketing Analytics to Brand Strategy & Product Management, the marketing program likes to diversify their offerings and continue to adapt to the needs of the marketplace. What this means for us students is that we learn what is most relevant!"

    Vaibhav Anand '17

  2. Extracurriculars, such as USF's Chapter of the American Marketing Association
    Extracurriculars give students access to expand their skill range outside of class and be prepared to connect with real-world organizations. Any undergraduate student at USF is able to join the USF AMA club, which opens up the opportunity to learn about the marketing world to anyone determined to do so. This past year, the club held numerous events with successful guest speakers at big name companies such as Apple Inc., Mayfield, Oracle, and Patheon. While students are able to gain knowledge of the professional world from professionals themselves, the club has also offered practical events and opportunities for its members such as free headshots!
  3. The faculty that guides the students come from success
    USF's School of Management thrives with incredibly qualified, motivated, and successful professionals that assist students and help keep the School of Management in tip-top shape. USF's 2016 Board of Advisors for the Department of Marketing is comprised of a multitude of professionals and even executives, including Gary Conway, founder of Gary Conway LLC; associate professor of marketing and hospitality Michelle Millar; chief technology officer of Coca-Cola Alan Boheme; author, professor, and former senior executive Nicholas Imparato — and more. The Board of Advisors acts as a significant professional and academic support system for marketing students, as well as a network builder that connects USF with the rest of the world.
  4. The university cherishes outstanding professionals and brings light to their work to innovate in the community
    USF's Masters in Marketing Award was presented in May to Richelle Parham, advisor for the nonprofit Girls Who Code and former Chief Marketing Officer at eBay. By showcasing the inspiring leaders in the community through these awards, students are given positive influences throughout their journey in the School of Management and beyond.
  5. The department nurtures students with an abundance of support and preparation for the business world that awaits them
    "USF's marketing courses allow students to build a range of professional skills, that will help on the job market and beyond," said assistant marketing professor Bhavya Mohan, "From analyzing consumer behavior to conducting market research, our program allows our students to learn skills directly relevant to a number of different marketing functions."

    The marketing department also provides and offers resources for students throughout the School of Management. Anand explained that he believed USF to be a great school for marketers because of "the professors and their passion to help students excel." He admitted, "Yes the classes I took were intricate, and yes the workload was tough at times, but all the feedback I received was constructive," Further, he assured, "Add small class sizes to a rigorous course with a caring teacher, and you definitely get more skilled and confident as a marketer with a multitude of skillsets, ready to change the world from here."

 School of Management Dean Elizabeth Davis, Honoree Richelle Parham, and  Nicholas Imparato, chair of the School of Management’s Department of Marketing

By Lonny Wysard