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Executive MBA Program Objectives

Now accepting applications for Fall 2014, please send inquiries to EMBA@usfca.edu.

The University of San Francisco's Executive MBA program prepares successful working professionals for senior leadership roles, new careers, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Over an intense twenty month period, our students study with a top-notch faculty and a unique collection of diverse and highly capable classmates, often immediately applying what they have learned in school to situations that they face at work. Through a unique mix of traditional courses, innovative seminars, and structured experiential learning opportunities, students emerge from our program with a broader and deeper set of professional capabilities, a new collection of tools to make sense of an increasingly complex business world, and a richer understanding of themselves, their values, and their professional possibilities.



Business Leadership is a Competitive, Continuous, Complex, and Constantly Evolving Conversation

Our Program Enables Our Students and Graduates to:

Understand the Conversation:

  • By Acquiring Solid Conceptual Knowledge and Vocabulary within Core Business DIscipines
  • By Gaining insights About the Interactions of Different Functional Areas in Today's Business World


Contribute to the Conversation:

  • By Learning to Play a Wide Variety of Roles and Collaborate Effectively in Today's Global, Rapidly Changing, and Project-Intensive Business Environment
  • By Better Understanding the Broader Context


Enhance the Conversation:

  • By Establishing a Mindset that Embraces Change
  • By Learning to Express and Foster Creativity and Innovation


Lead the Conversation:

  • By Developing a Deep Understanding of His/Her Own Personal Values
  • By Striving to Apply These Values in Service of a Larger Purpose Within the Modern Business Context
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