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Richard L. Swig Leadership Award


Richard  L. Swig
(1925 - 1997)

Vice Chairman
Fairmont Hotel Management LP
USF Hospitality Industry Management Program 
USF Hospitality Advisory Board

The annual Richard L. Swig Hospitality Leadership Award was instituted in 1998 to honor Richard L. Swig, legendary manager/owner of the Fairmont Hotel Company of San Francisco, and co-founder of the Hospitality Management (undergraduate) Program in the School of Management at the University of San Francisco.

Award criteria includes:  1) Current or past participation with the Hospitality Management Program, both in volunteer activities, advisory board membership, mentorship, student sponsorship, and hosting student activities that encourage student leadership and community service; 2) A demonstrated history of personal/corporate financial commitment, and opening doors to meet financial opportunities for student scholarship and Program enrichment for students; 3) Outstanding leadership in the field of hospitality, in developing talent within their organization and fostering professionalism in their field of expertise; 4) Outstanding service to the Community at large and unwavering commitment to social responsibility and service to their fellow men and women.

Past recipients of the Richard L. Swig Leadership Award and Scholarship Recipients are:

1998 Leadership Award:  Henry Berman, House of Seagram
1999 Leadership Award:  Robert Begley, Hotel Council of San Francisco
Scholarship Recipient:  Les Goodman
2000 Leadership Award:  Thomas Marshall, Joseph Drown Foundation
Scholarship Recipient: Matt Rojas
2001 Leadership Award:  Holger Gratz, Hilton Hotels
Scholarship Recipient:  Lisa Johnston
2002 Leadership Award:  Fedele Bauccio, Bon Appetit Management Company
Scholarship Recipients:  Amy Wong, EV Sauceda, Lisa Johnston
2003 Leadership Award:  Elliot Katz, Sarah Lee/Superior Coffee
Scholarship Recipients:  Matt Kowalski, Sarah Stasko, Mari Uchida
2004 Leadership Award: Mary Jo Martin, PKF
Scholarship Recipients:  Patricia Smith, Michelle Swerdlow
2005 Leadership Award: Dale Hess, SFCVB
Scholarship Recipients:  Kaui Rivera, Lana Yaza
2006 Leadership Award: Gary Williams, Dean, University of San Francisco - School of Business & Management
Scholarship Recipients: Janette Frias, Kimberly Ibera, Owazolem Idah, Jessica Johnson
2007  Leadership Award: Jo Licata, Community Projects Manager, Hilton San Francisco
Scholarship Recipients: Timothy Gassaway, Kimberly Ibera, Ban Ishii
2008 Leadership Award: Bob Puccini, Puccini Group
Scholarship Recipients:  Stephen Baccari, Jessica Gaskin
2009 Leadership Award:  Margaret Handlery, The Handlery Foundation
Scholarship Recipients:  Stephen Baccari, Terry Ramirez
2010 Leadership Award:  San Francisco Hilton Hotel, Union Square
Scholarship Recipient:  Jessica Rodgers
2011 Leadership Award:  Jeff Scharosch, General Manager, The Spinnaker
Scholarship Recipient:  Alyssa Andrade