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Past Hospitality Management Symposiums

Symposium History

The Symposium began in 1991 through the efforts of Bay Area industry and community leaders and continued till 2013 when it was restructured.  


Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe)
 2014 Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe)

"2014 Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe)"
2nd Annual Event
Date: April 24, 2014
Keynote Speaker: Greg DeRosa, Kopplin & Kuebler
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Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe)

"Changes in the World of Hospitality Management"
1st Annual
Date: April 24, 2013
Keynote Speakers: Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO, Airbnb and Rachel Botsman, Author of What's Mine Is Yours.

22nd Annual Symposium
 2012_Symposium_Save_the_Date_cover "The Yin and Yang of Social Media and Hospitality"
Date: April 27, 2012
Keynote Speaker:  Michael Tchong, Author of Social Engagement Marketing

21st Annual Symposium

/uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/Symp Cover.jpg “Three Pillars of Balance:  Wellness, Sustainability, Humanity”
Date: April 1, 2011
Keynote Speaker: Enrique Bazan, Ph.D., USF Theology & Social Justice Professor, Not For Sale Campaign  
20th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2010 symposium flyer.jpg  "The Hospitality Industry (recovery) PLAYBOOK:  Create Your Own Economy"
Date: April 30, 2010
Keynote Speaker:  Larry Baer, President, San Francisco Giants
19th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2009_Annual_Symposium_Cover.jpg  "Sustainability: Hospitality Business and Climate Change"
Date:  April 20, 2009
Keynote Speaker:  Walter Robb, Co-President and Chief Operating Officer, Whole Food Market
18th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2008_Annual_Symposium_Cover.JPG "THE MOST DANGEROUS MARKETING DILEMMA:  Be a Copycat or Dominator"
Date: April 8, 2008
Keynote Speaker:  Michael Davidson, VP National Circulation Sales, USA Today
17th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2007_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "Doing Well by Doing Good"
Date:  April 18, 2007
Keynote Speaker:  Mary Risley, Director, Tante Marie's Cooking School and Director, Food Runners 
16th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2006_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "Entrepreneurial Flow"
Date:  April 19, 2006
Keynote Speaker:  Wolfgang Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Mandarin Oriental Management, The Americas, Inc 
15th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2005_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "Trends" 
Date:  April 5, 2005
Keynote Speaker:  Joan Ryan, SF Chronicle Columnist
14th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2004_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG  "Conversations for Breakthrough Leadership"
Date:  April 19, 2004
Keynote Speaker:  Oren Harari, USF Business Professor, author The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell
13th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2003_Symposium_cover.JPG "Beyond the Four Walls"
Date:  April 17, 2003
Keynote Speaker:  Alice Waters, Executive Chef and Owner, Chez Panisse
12th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2002_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "The Rebel Rules"
Date:  March, 21, 2002
Keynote Speaker:  Chip Conley, Chairman & CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality 
11th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2001_Annual_Symposum_cover.JPG "The War for Talent, The Workforce Crisis"
Date:  March 8, 2001 
Keynote Speaker:  Robert Levering, Founder, The Great Place to Work Institute, Inc.
10th Annual Symposium

 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/2000_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "The New Millenium"
Date: March 23, 2000 
Keynote Speaker:  Robert Wisse, Senior VP of Product Development,
9th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/1999_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "Increasing the Business Value"
Date: March 4, 1999
Keynote Speaker:  Isadore Sharp, Chairman & CEO, Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels
8th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/1998_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG :"Building Corporate Culture"  How to Create It, Build It, Live It"
Date: February 4, 1998
Keynote Speaker:  Valerie Fergusen, General Manager, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Atlanta/1998 Chair, American Hotel & Motel Association 
7th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/1997_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "Adding Values, Adding Value"
Date:  February 26, 1997
Keynote Speaker:  Ben Cohen, Co-founder and chairman, Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc
6th Annual Symposium
  "The Beverage Industry:  Is the Glass Half-Full...Or Half-Empty?"
Date: February 28, 1996
Keynote Speaker:  Samuel Bronfman II, President, The Seagram Classic Wine Company
5th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/1995_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "Jumping the Curve: Innovations in the Hospitality Industry"
Date: March 16, 1995
Keynote Speaker:  Paul Handlery, C.E.O, Handlery Hotels
4th Annual Symposium
 /uploadedImages/Destinations/management/hospitality/Annual_Hospitality_Industry_Symposium/Past_Symposiums/1994_Annual_Symposium_cover.JPG "Unconventional Wisdom... In an Unconventional World"
Date: February 17, 1994
Keynote Speaker:  Peter A. Magowan, President and Managing General Partner, The San Francisco Giants
3rd Annual Symposium
  "The Future is Now"
Date:  March 15, 1993
Keynote Speaker:  Richard Rosenberg, Chairman and CEO, Bank of America
2nd Annual Symposium
  "Vision for the Nineties"
Date:  March 16, 1992
Keynote Speaker:  Louis Turpen, Director, San Francisco International Airport
1st Annual Symposium
  "Service Strategies"
Date:  April 6, 1991
Keynote Speaker:  Richard Swig

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