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U.S. Business Communication and Culture Program Overview

Select international students admitted to the MSFA, Accelerated MSFA, and Full-Time MBA programs are required to attend the United States Business Communication and Culture program (USBCC). USBCC will help international students enhance their communication and presentation skills, and their understanding of the unique aspects of American culture, language and business practice through the use of case studies. In addition, the program provides an important period for international students to adjust to life in the U.S. and to get settled in San Francisco before classes begin so they are prepared to fully participate and succeed in all aspects of their program.

Students' required participation in USBCC will be determined by the admissions committee. Participants of the program will receive intensive academic English language training that focuses on U.S. business vocabulary and culture, academic business reading and writing, and presentation skills. The final week highlights practice and application of business English skills.

Applicants can view our English Proficiency requirements online to see if they may be admitted based on successful completion of the School of Management's United States Business Communication and Culture Program (USBCC). Any international applicant who has a TOEFL score of 100+ will have the USBCC waived.

The USBCC consists of training and instruction focused on US business English language and covers spoken/written/oral/presentation skills. The USBCC program ends, highlighting practice and application of Business English skills. Student form teams and work on projects that focus on teamwork, research, business forecasting, and presentation - the winning team is awarded a prize. At the same time, students participate in simulated US classroom instruction and begin to learn about culture and communication differences. Diuring the USBCC program, field trips to businesses and social activities take place, all with the common goal of orienting you to san Francisco and the United States.

USBCC courses are taught by experienced USF faculty with a background in business and Teaching English as a Second Language. See their profiles here.