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Student Perspectives

 Asena Atalik, Class of 2006, Director, Strategy & Business Analytics, EAi Studios
"My experience in the MSFA Program has given me insight into the financial world and particularly the equities market. I have developed a core understanding of corporate finance, equity valuation and other key fundamental topics that are essential for anyone serious about being an equity analyst."

Che Cabreros, Class of 2006, Senior Financial Analyst, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
"The MSFA Program provided me with invaluable quantitative skills that I could easily apply to real-world situations. This program builds a solid foundation and more for anyone that is in, or considering, the finance field."

Ken Clift, Class of 2006, Fixed Income Market Analyst, REIT
"As a professional practitioner in the investment industry, the MSFA program at USF has provided me with the foundation I need to take my career in financial analysis to the next level. Whether the goal is to achieve the CFA® designation or earn a Master's degree in finance, or both, the MSFA at USF provides everything a professional needs."

Ali Husaini, Cost and Pricing Analyst
"After graduating from a research intensive Canadian University, McMaster, I was looking for a program that could broaden my understanding of the different dynamics at play in business. The MSFA gave me substantial experience in the issues I would face in the professional environment."

Mitch Peters, Class of 2008
"The depth and breadth of the curriculum and quality of instruction gives me the confidence to enter almost any area of the financial industry and hit the ground running."

Dhruva Sabharwal, Class of 2006, UBS Private Wealth Management
"I chose the MSFA program because I was looking for a more intensive and focused program than a traditional MBA - A program that would not only prepare me for the CFA exams, but enhance my knowledge far beyond the CFA curriculum. Through a comprehensive mind-stretching review of the building blocks of modern finance, the program enables students like me to develop thinking beyond one's limited area of expertise and gain access to the 'broader picture'. The courses nicely balance theory with practice since many of the faculty are finance practitioners. While the work is challenging, the environment is collegiate, supportive and above all fun."

David Schauer, Class of 2005, Senior Financial Planner
"What I found most valuable - and impressive - about the MSFA program was the depth and applicability of the information and knowledge that the program covered."

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