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Sheila Epstein
Shaina Epstein is Alumni of the joint Master of Global Entrepreneurship Management [jMGEM] Class 2010. Shaina was born and raised in the U.S.A, she completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester. She is currently working on a disruptive marketing team for a consumer electronics start-up in San Francisco.

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October 2011


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2011! We are pleased to announce the completion of Cohort 2 Class of 2011 and an end to another successful year for jMGEM. The students are both glad to have had the experience of jMGEM but are also very sad to depart one another while reflecting back on all of their memories. 

On the night of the Graduation dinner, held once again at the Spinnaker located along the water front in Sausalito, the event began with a stunning sunset over the San Francisco Bay. It was a wonderful gathering of jMGEM students, their friends and family, fellow alumni, faculty and staff from all three universities,  and jMGEM special guests, from Monster and SOL Republic. The night was led by the two MC’s of the night, Darlene Davidson, class president of cohort 1 Class of 2010 and Richard Noctis, class president of cohort 2 Class of 2011. The night ended with heartfelt takeaways from USF alumni and Monster representatives, Dave Tognotti and Kevin Lee.

And as one class ends another begins their journey, kicking off their jMGEM adventures in Barcelona, Spain. Having one of the most successful orientations to date, the students met the IQS Faculty and staff  int he mountains of Barcelona. They are currently hard at work.  When recently speaking with Ari Brownstone, a student from USF’s 3+1 program, he expressed that, “Barcelona is wonderful. A lot of work but a lot of fun as well. Just what I wanted.”

Alumni Status Update:

In addition, three of our most talented Alumni from Cohort 1 Class of 2010 have been working diligently to help with the launch of headphone company SOL Republic. According to Gabe Kovacs on his recent experience with SOL he says, “We're definitely busy, but the experiences are great! Our business development is like 10x the speed of the standard Startup so we are all in super speed mode. You really need to be a go getter and have a positive and hard work ethic. “They have recently hired Rebecca Wolfe from the recently graduated cohort 2 and are moving strong.

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