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Executive MBA Program Overview

Apply Tomorrow What You Learn Today

  • Understand the ConversationYou will master the knowledge and vocabulary of the core business disciplines. It is vital that you have complete familiarity with the interactions between the different functional areas in today's business world.
  • Contribute to the ConversationAfter the core business disciplines become second nature, you will engage in and extend the conversation. With a mindset that embraces change, you are in a position to foster creativity and innovation. Your thorough understanding of the broader context of business makes you a more effective collaborator.  
  • Lead the ConversationNow it's time for you to develop a deep understanding of your own direction, vision, and personal values - and learn how you can apply these values in the service of a larger purpose within the modern business context. You will be able to bring resources and teams to bear on complex business challenges and establish yourself as a true business leader. 

Program FormatApply Today

  • Classes meet on a consecutive Thursday, Friday and Saturday one weekend per month for a duration of 20 months   
  • Typical Class Schedule: 8:00am - 6:00pm with one-hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks
  • Classes are held at USF Downtown Campus

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The School of Management EMBA Program is designed for managers and senior professionals with considerable experience. USF seeks motivated applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. Successful candidates will have at least 8 years of working experience including 2-3 years of management/leadership. 

Jenny Hau, EMBA '15

Jenny Hau, EMBA '15, Financial Analyst, UCSF

"The Executive MBA has given me the quantitative and qualitative skills to make increasingly efficient and impactful decisions at work. I have more confidence, improved leadership abilities, and I now exude an executive presence when meeting with other leaders at my company. Everything I have learned has allowed me to regularly innovate and improve, and that hard work is being validated and recognized by my colleagues."