Tuition and Aid

Estimated Tuition

Tuition estimates are based on the number of units required by each program and may vary according to the number of classes in which a student is enrolled. The 2021-2022 year includes Fall 2021, Intersession 2022, and Spring 2022. All tuition rates are subject to change.

Estimated Tuition for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 Entrants*
Estimated Cost Per Unit Estimated Units in First Year Estimated Tuition for 2021-22 Year Total Program Units Estimated Total Program Tuition
$1,650 16** $26,400 40 $66,000

*Program Start Dates: Students may begin studies in the Part-Time MBA Program in the fall or spring semester.

**Units in First Year: Traditionally part-time MBA students have eight units per semester (16 units per academic year if not counting summer.) However, the part-time program allows students to choose an accelerated or a reduced schedule.

Fees: Students pay a $100 GBA (Graduate Business Association) and $25 AGUSF fee each fall and spring semester.

Student Health Insurance: please visit Student Health Promotion Services.

Official Rate page of Tuition and Fees for Graduates

Financing Options

There are several ways that PTMBA students at USF have historically financed their graduate degree.


We offer a number of partial-tuition scholarships to its MBA applicants.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Your employer agrees to pay for all or part of your education in exchange for you remaining employed at the company for a certain number of years post-graduation.

Tuition reimbursement

According to your employer's tuition reimbursement policy, you pay for your education out-of-pocket and subsequently file for reimbursement.

Financial Aid

Please contact the USF Office of Financial Aid at (415) 422-3387,, or visit the Office of Financial Aid website.

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