Experiential Learning

Part-Time MBA

Experiential learning is at the core of USF's MBA Program.

We believe in the importance of academic work that can be put into practice outside the classroom, whether at a job interview, in a summer internship or with a client-facing project.

And with USF's ideal proximity to the biggest companies in the Bay Area, students have unparalleled opportunities to gain hands-on experience in a new role, network with organizations across different industries, and build strong relationships with prospective employers.

The Best Source of Knowledge Is Experience


We've designed our Part-Time MBA to emphasize experiential learning through a few key Program components.

Career Accelerator Platform (CAP) Project

The Career Accelerator Platform is one of the key features of our full-time program, but it is also available to part-time students. As a part-time student, a CAP may be particularly valuable to you if you plan on changing careers or want to establish the essential skills to transition to a new industry. 


  • Applying classroom learning to company cases.  
    Your CAP project facilitates the application of coursework concepts to real-world scenarios within your chosen industry.
  • Become even more marketable as an experienced prospective hire.
    Your CAP project is a great opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills and ability to creatively solve problems under a deadline.
  • Work constructively with a team.
    As is the case in most professional environments, you'll work with a team of others to find successful solutions to company challenges.

Innovation Project

The Innovation Project is part of every MBA students' experience. As a part-time student, you'll conduct your Innovation Project during the fall of second year, either independently or with a small cohort. Each student's project plan is submitted to and approved by the faculty board. The Innovation Project carries 2 credits and is a graded component the program.

Innovation Project Objectives

  • Choosing a project that carries relevance and value for your career plans. The Innovation Project will demonstrate the application of concepts learned in the MBA Program, as well as a clear connection between your work as a student and your professional field of interest.
  • Think strategically and work creatively. Whether electing to work alone or with a small group, your project should show creative applications of what you've learned in the classroom to come up with innovative solutions for your client. 
  • Gain influential references from the company–and the people- with whom you work. Plan for post-graduation success with recommenders who worked with you and experienced for themselves how you contribute to a team.
  • Share your unique experience with other students during USF's annual Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week (SEIW). Students publicly present the outcomes and takeaways through a comprehensive report on their Innovation Project. The SEIW is held each spring.

Malloy Group for Organizational Science Consulting

For students interested in consulting, the Malloy Group provides a valuable consulting experience by connecting students with the Bay Area’s most notable startups, from early to late-stage, on real-world projects.

Whether you're interested in application software, healthcare, SaaS, consumer products, or retail industries, the Malloy Group has a successful history of collaborating with the most innovative and cutting-edge companies.

And when it comes to preparing for success for after you graduate, the Malloy Group plays a key part in setting your resume apart from the rest, and in demonstrating you as an experienced professional who can make invaluable contributions to today's dynamic workplace.

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