Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is at the core of USF's MBA Program. We believe in the importance of academic work that can be put into practice outside the classroom, whether at a job interview, in a summer internship or with a client-facing project.

USF puts you close proximity to the biggest companies in the Bay Area giving you unparalleled opportunities to gain real-world experience in a new role. You will network with organizations across different industries, and build strong relationships with prospective employers.

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Swimming in the Shark Tank

Business students pitch startup ideas to angel investors — over Zoom

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Key Program Components

We've designed our Part-Time MBA to emphasize experiential learning through a few key Program components.

Innovation Project

As a part-time student, you'll conduct your Innovation Project during the fall of the second year, either independently or with a small cohort. Projects can take place with your current employer or a new organization or industry. It carries 2 credits and is a graded component of the program.

Malloy Group for Organizational Science Consulting

The Malloy Group provides the opportunity for consulting experience by connecting students with the Bay Area’s most notable startups. The experience will play a key role in setting your resume apart.

Some recent projects include:

  • Healthcare
  • SaaS
  • Consumer products
  • Retail industries

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