Career Accelerator Platforms

Part-Time MBA

For students interested in changing careers or industries, you may elect to participate in our Career Accelerator Platforms option.

We offer three career-focused platforms that guide your coursework, work experience, and networking opportunities to align with your professional goals. You'll choose from one of the three platforms.

Personalize your curriculum. Accelerate your career. Change the world from here.

In addition to our unmatched proximity to the Bay Area's most notable companies, The Career Accelerator Platform is another way USF distinguishes itself from other MBA programs.

Designed to match your career goals with industry-related coursework, hands-on consulting projects, and networking opportunities, the Career Accelerator Platform is a personalized approach to creating a curriculum that prepares students academically and professionally for success in their desired career track.

USF MBA students select one of three Career Accelerator Platforms

  • Business Finance
    Your success in specific career tracks identified broadly in Financial Services and Corporate Finance, and providing the skillsets needed in financial planning, portfolio and capital management, and financial analysis, is the Business Finance CAP focus.
  • Customer Success Management
    Students are equipped with specialized skills for analyzing customer-facing activities and processes, with a focus on driving customer retention and loyalty through operational, product, and process improvement, within the Customer Success Management CAP.
  • Human Factors of Business Performance
    The impact and power that organizational life can have as a transformative experience for organizational advancement is the core of Human Factors of Business Performance CAP.

The Student Benefits of Selecting a CAP

Take the best class for you, taught by the best in their field.

Each CAP has a Director, a USF faculty member with years of industry leadership related to their respective CAP. Directors will be a valuable guide for students in their CAP, acting as an accessible and knowledgeable resource.

Each CAP Director has chosen three required courses that will best prepare students for success in the careers associated with their CAP. Each course is seven weeks in length and carries two credits.

CAP courses are taught by both faculty who possess the academic training related to the CAP, as well as by leading professionals who contribute significant and relevant real-world experience.


By selecting a CAP, you'll participate in a consulting project with a notable Bay Area firm, applying relevant coursework directly to client-facing projects and summer internships.

Additionally, you'll have more compelling experience and coursework to leverage when interviewing for job opportunities.

Your CAP will also be a powerful way to connect with USF alumni and corporate partners who currently serve in fields of your professional interest. 


While your Platform shapes your coursework, connects you with USF alumni in relevant fields of interest, and prepares you for interview environments specific to your industry, you are also welcome to take courses from another Platform.

And no matter what Platform you choose, students can also round-out their coursework and academic experience with co-curricular activities relating to different fields, such as graduate clubs and lecture series.