MBA Concentrations

Advanced elective courses enable you to develop in-depth experience and expertise in a particular field of study.

Although an elective concentration is not required, you may choose a concentration in one of the areas listed below.

A minimum of 12 credits, including required courses, must be taken in the respective functional area in order to complete a concentration.

Data Analysis and Business Insights

The new MBA concentration in Data Analysis and Business Insights prepares students to improve and transform businesses through the use of data and models. USF prepares MBA students in Data Analysis and Business Insights to understand, manage and execute every link in the information value chain to enhance business performance. 

Required and elective courses include Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data Visualization, Coding for Analytics, Advanced Spreadsheet Analytics and Marketing Analytics Techniques.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Concentrating in Entrepreneurship and Innovation prepares students to launch and grow new ventures, take on roles in existing start-ups, or lead innovation efforts in established firms. Students will develop their own creative talents, write a business plan, learn the process of corporate innovation, and acquire skills in Internet business applications. Students may personalize their emphasis with courses in Private Equity and Venture Capital, Global Product Development, Small Business Ventures, and Silicon Valley Immersion.(*Required courses)

MBA 6208 - Private Equity & Venture Capital

MBA 6561 - Local, National and Global Biotechnology

MBA 6601 - Entrepreneurial Mgmt.*

MBA 6602 - Global Product Development

MBA 6603 - Creativity & Innovation I*

MBA 6607 - Corp Entrepreneurship & Innovation*

MBA 6609 - Internet Bus Applications*

MBA 6613 - Creativity & Innovation II: Adv. How to be a Game Changer

MBA 6614 - Thought Leadership in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

MBA 6620 - Silicon Valley Immersion

MBA 6699 - Special Topic: Social Entrepreneurship and the Lean Startup


There are a variety of careers in Finance-related areas. We have identified two potential finance career paths for our students: Corporate Finance and Financial Services. Our elective course offerings are designed to facilitate entry into these career areas and provide upward mobility to students who have already worked in Finance. (*Required courses)

MBA 6201 - Investments*

MBA 6202 - Firm and Project Evaluation: Creating Economic Value

MBA 6203 - Capital Structure and Risk Management

MBA 6204 - Capital Markets & Invest Banking

MBA 6205 - Corporate Financial Reporting & Analysis

MBA 6206 - International Finance I*

MBA 6207 - International Finance II

MBA 6208 - Private Equity & Venture Capital

MBA 6209 - Financial Derivatives I

MBA 6210 - Financial Derivatives II

MBA 6211 - Global Business Conditions

MBA 6213 - Personal Finance I

MBA 6214 - Personal Finance II

MBA 6231 - Student Managed Fund I

MBA 6232 - Student Managed Fund II

MBA 6299 - Special Topics in Finance

International Business

Coursework introduces students to the complexities of international business so that they can apply their understanding to other fields of management. Graduates work in the import/export trade, finance, marketing, consulting, and general management. An internationally diverse student body provides students with both academic and personal insights into international business issues. (*Required courses)

MBA 6206 - International Financial Management

MBA 6211 - Global Bus. Conditions

MBA 6303 - Global Marketing and Business Intelligence

MBA 6602 - Global Product Development

MBA 6715 - The Globalization of Chinese Companies

MBA 6719 - Cross-Cultural Negotiation

MBA 6414 - Managing Across Cultures*

MBA 6702 - International Business*

MBA 6703 - Global Trends

MBA 6797 - Academic Global Immersion*

MBA 6799 - Spc Topics: International Bus


Marketing students obtain a foundation in running a successful customer-driven organization. To learn how to build competitive advantage in the global marketplace, students focus on fundamentals: market segmentation, competitive analysis, pricing strategies, public relations, advertising, and distribution channels. Graduates work at the highest levels of management in a variety of industries in market research, sales, advertising, brand management, general management, and management consulting . (*Required courses)

MBA 6303 - Global Marketing & Business Intelligence*

MBA 6304 - Consumer Behavior & Research*

MBA 6306 - Integrated Marketing Communication

MBA 6314 - Global Distribution and Channel Mgmt.

MBA 6315 - Brand Strategy & Management

MBA 6317 - Product Management

MBA 6372 - Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

MBA 6399 - Special Topics: Marketing

Organization Development


To lead organizations through transformational, positive change requires an intimate understanding and exhibited competence in organizational behavior and strategy. The Organization Development concentration builds effective organizational leaders through contemporary theory, interdisciplinary study and development of tangible skills in organizational assessment, diagnosis and intervention. (*Required courses)

MBA 6417 - Leading & Organizational Change

MBA 6406 - Negotiation & Bargaining Strategy*

MBA 6413 - Bus Teams & Small Group Dynamics

MBA 6450 - Project Management Foundations

MBA 6435 - Consulting Practices*

OD 660 - Leadership and Organizations

OD 661 - Leading Organization Change and Development

OD 664- Negotiation and Bargaining Strategy /or/ OD 665 - Global OD

OD 668 - Research and Analysis for Organization Diagnosis and Evaluation

OD 671 - Consulting Practices

OD 673 - Large-Scale Systems Transformation

OD 674 - Individual & Team Interventions

OD 681 - Statistics Fundamentals

OD 682 - Finance & Accounting Fundamentals