Customer Success and Insights

Career Accelerator Platform

The Customer Success and Insights CAP equips students with specialized skills for analyzing customer-facing activities and processes, with a focus on driving customer retention and loyalty through operational, product, and process improvement.

Required three courses

  • Subscription-based Models
  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Marketing Research Methods

For Students Interested in Customer Success Careers

  • Customer Success Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Insights Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
  • Product Management

CAP Overview

The Customer Success and Insights (CSI) CAP is intended to produce business analysts who specialize in analyzing customer-facing activities and processes. CSI students and graduates work to drive customer retention and loyalty through operational, product, and process improvement.

Given USF's ideal Bay Area location, CSI places a special focus on early- and mid-stage technology companies, especially those who have subscription-based business models. These companies must systematically understand and improve the customer experience in order to (a) retain customers; (b) develop reference-able success stories; and (c) increase revenues through account growth and new customer acquisition.

CAP Director, Customer Success and Insights

Vijay Mehrotra

(415) 422-2257

Professor Vijay Mehrotra is helping to transform management in today's data-rich, information-poor business world. A trailblazer in the field of...


Ph.D., Operations Research, Stanford University, 1992 | M.S., Operations Research, Stanford University, 1989 | B.A. Mathematics, Economics and Statistics, St. Olaf College, 1986


Business Analytics, Spreadsheets and Business Analytics, MBA Internship, Directed Study, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Customer Data Analysis, Customer Success and Insight, Advanced Spreadsheet Analytics, Analytics Consulting Project, Special Topic: Business Analytics, Business Analytics Fundamentals