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Our program offers you the best of both worlds: convenient online instruction plus live classes to reinforce and master that learning.

The online course features instructor videos, study tips, quizzes, and discussion boards where you interact with the material.

The live class sessions let our instructors lead you through problems so you master the Level I exam knowledge.

Let our live experts power your online learning

December CFA Level I Course

Please read the following before registering:

  • All candidates receive access to the review course online materials approximately one week after registering for the course. At this time, all material is available except Study Sessions 2 and 3.
  • Live session are tentatively scheduled Mondays from 6-8pm starting in mid-September, however this is subject to change.
  • Refund policy: You are welcome to register before the live session schedule is finalized to gain early access to the course materials, however no refunds will be given if the live sessions are re-scheduled to a day or time you cannot attend.

For more information on our program, contact Linda Lam at CFAReview@usfca.edu

Although the CFA body of knowledge is designed for self-study, the volume of material candidates are expected to know to pass is formidable. Our expert instructors are here to guide you successfully through that knowledge.

Start your exam preparation by studying our online materials prepared by MFSA faculty, USF’s masters program based on the CFA exam curriculum. Materials include:

  • Detailed study notes
  • Short instructional videos demonstrating key or difficult concepts
  • Study session quizzes to help you chart your progress

Master the Level I exam material by attending live problem-solving sessions with our expert instructors. Over the course of 10 two-hour sessions, you will work through problems from each of the 18 study sessions with the expert instructors who authored the online material.

USF School of Management follows CFA Institute Prep Provider guidelines.

For more information about the

Exam Review Program, contact Linda Lam:


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