Readmission Applicants

Readmission applicants are any student previously enrolled in a School of Management graduate program based on the categories set forth below.

Applicants may apply to only one of these programs each year. Please note that USF graduate coursework will only apply toward the degree if the coursework was completed within five years of the term for which the student is applying for readmission.


  • Category A
    Students in good academic standing who, within the past five years, have withdrawn from the University, left the University without filing a Leave of Absence, or whose Leave of Absence has expired.

  • Category B
    Students who were previously enrolled in a graduate program and were unable to meet the required minimum degree completion time of 5 years (time is counted from the beginning of a student’s graduate program, regardless of any leave of absence taken);

  • Category C
    Students who were previously enrolled in a graduate program and were dismissed for not meeting the required minimum GPA of 3.0. Category C applicants may be eligible to reapply after one full academic year from dismissal.

Category A Reapplicant Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Application fee: $55
  • Resume
  • Reapplication Essay **
  • Academic Transcripts ***
  • Letters of recommendation* and test scores are waived.

Category B and C Reapplicant Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Application fee: $55
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation (1) *
  • Reapplication Essay **
  • Academic Transcripts ***
  • GMAT/GRE ****

Letters of Recommendation *
In order to submit the application, two email addresses need to be registered. Please register one or both of the following email addresses as "references" as needed per your category:,

Reapplication Essay **
Please set forth all extraordinary and compelling circumstances which you assert were factors contributing to your previous withdrawal from the graduate program. This essay must also state all reasons which, in the opinion of the applicant, should cause the Admissions Committee to conclude that you are now sufficiently able to complete the program.

Academic Transcripts ***
Please re-list at least the bachelor degree granting institution within your application. A blank document may be uploaded in lieu of unofficial transcripts. Readmission applicants need only else list additional institutions and upload new, unofficial transcripts of courses they have taken outside of USF since leaving. Official transcripts are only requested if admitted.

GMAT/GRE is waived for Category A applicants that left the program in good academic standing with a 3.0 GPA or higher

Contact Info

Admission: Graduate

Monday–Friday 9 a.m–5 p.m.

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