Muhammad Al-Abdullah specializes in the interaction between knowledge, social structures, and technical systems as constituents of an information system, and how to better anticipate the emerging complexities and uncertainties in an organization. His research focuses on the phenomenon of anti-money laundering and understanding the issues that influence the efficiency of AML regulation’s compliance from a socio-technical perspective.

Al-Abdullah has taught several undergraduate and graduate information systems courses in various areas including Networking, Security, Information Engineering, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Systems Analysis and Design, and Process Improvement at University in Richmond, Virginia.

His work includes authoring several research papers, which were presented at regional, national, and international conferences such as the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime in the University of Cambridge, UK. In addition to his published works, Dr. Al-Abdullah has worked as technical support and a personal computer advisor for United Business Machines and a project associate for Virginia Information Technology Agency on the Commonwealth Project Governance Assessment (CGPA).


PhD. Information Systems, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2015
MS. Managing Information Technology, University of Salford, United Kingdom, 2007
BS. Computer Information Systems, Yarmouk University, Jordan 2006
Selected Publications

Etudo, U. Weistroffer, R. and Al-Abdullah, M. “Adaptive Structuration Theory and Media Richness Theory in GSS Research: A Critical Review.” In Proceedings of the 48th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Kauai, HI, January 5-8, 2015.

Al-Abdullah, M. “The Chaotic Nature of Adapting Technology in Anti-Money Laundering.” Presented at the Thirty-Second Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, September, 2014.

Al-Abdullah, M.  "Technology, Anti-Money Laundering, and Gray Markets." In Proceedings of the 12th Annual Security Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA April, 2013.

Weistroffer, R., Alabdullah, M., Mohajeri, K., Farkas, B., and Sayamala, L. “Critical Bibliography for System Analysis and Design Research.” In Proceedings of the 10th Association of Information Systems (AIS) Special Interest Group on Systems Analysis and Design (SIGSAND) Symposium, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, June, 2011.

Alabdullah, M., and Weistroffer, R.  “A Framework to Enhance Decision Outcomes: Data Quality Perspective.” In Proceedings of the Southern Association of Information Systems, Georgia, Atlanta, USA, March, 2011, pp.1-15.