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Department of Marketing

Department Chair

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Nicholas Imparato


Department Faculty

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Jonathan Barsky

Associate Professor

Dedicating over two decades to teaching, Jonathan Barsky is committed to educating future professionals on the value of marketing in the business world. He brings vital international research in the field of customer satisfaction with a focus on the hotel industry to his classroom and is globally recognized for his impactful efforts in the field.

Tel: (415) 422-6447

Shenzhao Fu

Associate Professor

Shenzhao Fu is garnering international recognition for his research on the effects of western multinational companies on consumer perceptions in China. Dr. Fu encourages his students to approach marketing from the perspective of business owners/developers – as well as their target consumers – helping budding marketers develop more robust strategies, campaigns and forms of analysis, increasing the likelihood of success in their future marketing endeavors.

Tel: (415) 422-6537

Leslie A. Goldgehn


Leslie A. Goldgehn is garnering international recognition for her expertise in marketing strategy and leadership development. She is an award winning case writer, with her most recent case, “iPhone Applications: Viable Business or Time Consuming Hobby?” winning the top award at the Western Case Writers Conference and being published in the prestigious Case Research Journal.

Tel: (415) 422-6740

Nicholas Imparato

Department Chair / Professor

Nicholas Imparato is an international educator and researcher whose work frequently takes him to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Dr. Imparato has been an advisor and speaker on innovation, public policy, and leadership, with an emphasis on the effects of disruptive change driven by globalization and technology in over 30 countries with Visa, IBM and other organizations.

Tel: (415) 422-4518

John O'Meara

Director of Strategic Initiatives / Term Instructor

John O’Meara draws from his broad professional experience as a manager of a full-service global branding firm. Profesor O’Meara focuses his attention to teaching students how to gain competitive advantage in business, but also to add real, perceptible value to desired consumer audiences.

Tel: (415) 422-4152

Anthony Patino

Associate Professor

Anthony Patino has over twenty years of experience in marketing, sales and research at leading entertainment firms such as Sony Picture Entertainment, ABC, Capital Cities, WMAR-TV and Scripps Howard Inc. Dr. Patino’s research informs his teachings on global market strategy, integrated marketing communication, consumer behavior and promotional strategy.

Tel: (415) 422-4454

Sonja Martin Poole

Assistant Professor

Sonja Martin Pole focuses on how marketing can be used to bring about social change. Dr. Poole guides her students to create innovative ways to interact with, add value and offer rewards to their target audience while keeping in mind the importance of marketing ethics, sustainability, corporate responsibility, multicultural markets, education, public policy, and social welfare.

Tel: (415) 422-6519

Sweta Thota

Associate Professor

Sweta Chaturvedi Thota asks her students to become hyper-observers of marketing in their own environments, engaging them in questions like: “Who is the target audience for annoying banner ads and do these banners hurt or help the host website?” Her original and inspired curriculum engages students both in and outside of the classroom - applying marketing concepts to real-life situations they’re likely to experience.

Tel: (415) 422-4507

Ricardo Villarreal

Associate Professor

Ricardo Villareal De Silva is an expert in multicultural behavior and collaborates with international food production companies on ad account planning projects. Defining his research as “the combined effects of ethnic identity and cultural values,” he is presently integrating more sophisticated statistical methods that allow for modeling with latent variables, which may define subpopulations. He hopes to provide greater support and understanding of ethnicity theory and consumer behavior.