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Department of Accounting

Department Chair

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Carol Graham


Department Faculty

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Fernando Comiran

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Fernando Comiran brings to USF both an enthusiasm for accounting and a philosophy that attempts to integrate real-world application and leading-edge research in the classroom. His research areas of interest include Earnings Management, Accounting Fraud, Voluntary Disclosure, Financial Statement Analysis, and Security Valuation.

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Tatiana Fedyk

Assistant Professor

Tatiana Fedyk teaches accountancy, financial information analysis and cost management. In her teaching, Dr. Fedyk combines her entrepreneurial consulting experience with her technical and business education to give her students the most well-rounded learning experience possible. Her research interests include R&D overinvestment, real earnings management, financial management tools, accounting value relevance and underlying volatility.

Tel: (415) 422-5647

Carol Graham

Department Chair / Associate Professor

Carol Graham prepares students for careers where they'll be expected to make informed, conscientious management and investment-related decisions. Her introductory courses provide professional-level knowledge of accounts payable and receivable, inventory, liabilities, debt, and owners' equity, how to develop effective accounting systems, and procedures and methods of analysis. Her intermediate classes investigate more complex accounting, touching on the theories and principles underlying accounting for stockholders' equity, income taxes, pensions and leases, analysis of earnings per share, and statement of cash flows


Joohyung Ha

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Joohyung Ha teaches accounting grounded in the Jesuit principles of educating the whole person with the aim to develop business leaders with high ethical standards. Dr. Ha’s research interests include financial reporting, valuation, market anomaly, and agency costs. She has taught financial and managerial accounting at various universities throughout the country.

Tel: (415) 422-2563

John Koeplin, S.J.

Associate Professor

Joseph Kopelin approaches accounting education from a social and Christian perspective. He guides students to examine the various beneficial and damaging effects various financial decision-making can have on employees, stakeholders, communities, global financial systems and our environment. Fr. Kopelin is Rector of the Loyola House Jesuit Community at USF, St. Ignatius Parish, and St. Agnes Parish.

Tel: (415) 422-6380

Diane Roberts


Diane Roberts engages her students in discussions that address both honorable and unlawful corporate practices, ensuring her students carry a greater awareness of the importance of transparency with them into their future careers. Dr. Roberts is motivated by a deep concern for unethical financial reporting considering the potential for catastrophic events on the environment, community trust, and the global economy.

Tel: (415) 422-6561

Claudia Roehl

Term Instructor

Claudia Roehl, Co-Chair of the MBA Department, brings over a decade of experience as former Director and V.P. of Financial Institutions and Structured Finance at Fitch Investors Service in New York. Roehl introduces students to accounting information systems, tools, principles and procedures they will need to evaluate financial information and have inform decision-making within businesses and organizations.

Tel: (415) 422-6990

Todd Sayre

Associate Professor

Todd Sayre examines the issues in the digital space, exploring the usefulness of traffic measures across internet sectors and debating the value-relevance of financial and nonfinancial information for online businesses. Dr. Sayre’s research focuses on ethics in financial accounting and sustainable, socially responsible businesses in which he hopes his students will adopt a similar rigor for directing their knowledge of accounting towards causes that help drive meaningful change.