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May 8
Bay Area Council
353 Sacramento Street

Cyber Basics for the Non-Technical Professional

Cybersecurity breaches make headlines every week. Whether you are a CEO with employees or a line manager, you need to know more about cybersecurity, breaches, and the things you can do to help secure yourself and your company. From your infrastructure to your network to your actions in email and on the web, there is more everyone can do to reduce risks. Gain an understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, the basics of cyber threats and concepts for both employees and employers to establish a security-minded workplace.

Topics include: 
  • Threat overview
  • Growth of cyber threats
  • Types of threats
  • Individual responsibilities
  • Prevention and preparedness
  • Incident response
  • Creating a security minded culture in the workplace
  • Regulatory and compliance issues
  • Securing yourself
  • Voluntary framework
May 8
Bay Area Council
353 Sacramento Street

Legal Issues in Cybersecurity

From intellectual property to data breach reporting, the cybersecurity landscape is replete with rapidly evolving legal issues.

Topics include:
  • Types of malware and data breach
  • Data security versus privacy
  • Officers, directors and management views of cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity in the boardroom
  • Legal perspectives on good cyber hygiene
  • Breach response
  • Insurance Issues
  • The shifting landscape of regulation, law and litigation

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May 15
Bay Area Council
353 Sacramento Street

Risk Management in Cybersecurity

Today, business and fiduciary executives are faced with the harsh realization that potential financial exposures and reputational damages from cyber threats are excessive and need to be managed and reduced. Unlike other, well established enterprise risk classes however, cyber risk is acute, poorly understood and rapidly increasing. In order to effectively manage this risk, integrated multi-stakeholder cyber risk management methods must be developed. This seminar will provide attendees with a holistic understanding of the cyber risk management roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders within the enterprise and the key decision points required as they make the journey from their current level of protection to what would be deem a reasonable standard-of-care by customers and regulators.

Topics to be discussed include:
  • How should security leaders determine and report their current state-of-protection?
  • How should risk leaders determine their inherent risk and residual exposure?
  • How should financial exposure be reported to business and the Board?
  • How should fiduciary leaders decide on what is a reasonable standard-of-care?
  • What risk treatments should be considered in managing cyber risks?
  • How can protection enhancements be aligned with business interests? 
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May 22
City College of SF, Chinatown Campus
808 Kearny Street

SF Small Business Week Workshop: How Can I Boost My Business Cash Flow?

In this workshop, you will:
  • Gain a practical, real-world learning experience about the structure and foundation of cash flow management. 
  • Have a chance to understand the measurement, management and practical implications of true cash flow (not artificial cash flow metrics like EBITDA). 
  • Learn about the critical role that the balance sheet plays in managing cash flow. 
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with your financial team, bankers and accountants about these issues.
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