International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership

In September of 1997, the School of Management initiated an undergraduate program in Law Enforcement Leadership. This Program has attracted law enforcement professionals from throughout Northern California.

Since its inception, more than 170 working professionals have received their Bachelor’s Degree from USF. Sixty-five of these individuals have received the Lieutenant Barbara Hammerman Memorial Scholarship, which assists officers returning to college.

Lieutenant Barbara Hammerman Memorial Scholarship

Recently, the School of Management created a new Bachelors of Science in Management (BSM) program, which now includes a Law Enforcement Leadership (LEL) concentration. The concentration focuses on administration, policy, and Compstat. The program’s objectives are to better serve our students in their career aspirations and truly support them in becoming men and women for and with others.

To broaden our service to the criminal justice community, the International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership was established in April 2001. The Institute formalized and expanded the law enforcement leadership training that the University had been involved in for over 50 years.

The Institute, in keeping with the University's Mission, has distinguished itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community which draws from the cultural, intellectual and professional resources of the San Francisco Bay Area, the State of California and the Pacific Rim. The broader mission of the Institute is to facilitate training and research for managers in the various disciplines of the criminal justice system, and to focus on ethical leadership.

Our 2016 symposium, Black and White: A Matter of Trust, is scheduled for January 7-8, 2016. This will be our twenty-first annual event. 

  • The Institute currently co-sponsors an annual symposium on “Visionary Management in Law Enforcement” with the San Francisco Police Department. USF hosts the event on our San Francisco campus.
  • In addition, the Institute is dedicated to partnership with the law enforcement community, and has co-hosted a conference on "Human Trafficking" with United States Attorney and the San Francisco Police Department, as well as a conference on "Juvenile Justice."
  • In June 2006, the Institute hosted a panel of inquiry on “Discipline in the San Francisco Police Department”. The recommendations were well received, and embraced by the Police Commission. We have also collaborated on POST accredited three-day team building workshops for various law enforcement agencies.
  • This July, we hosted a conference on “Emerging Issues in Homeland Security and Disaster Response”.

The Institute has the benefit of an advisory board made up of distinguished leaders from law enforcement and the community. The Institute is expanding its programs and participation to other agencies in the criminal justice system to include a more international audience.

International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership

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Anthony D Ribera, Ph.D., Director

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