About Us

The goal of the University of San Francisco's Gellert Family Business Center

  • Provide family-owned businesses with access to networking
  • Create an open exchange of strategic and practical family business information
  • Advance the field of family business research, education, and scholarship

The University of San Francisco’s Gellert Family Business Resource Center provides a three-pronged approach to serving USF and the Greater Bay Area community.

  1. Recognize Excellence The Gellert Family Business Resource Center recognizes two family-owned businesses every year, provides support and resources to strengthen their operations and promotes these businesses throughout the Bay Area.
  2. Keep Family Businesses Informed The Center provides family-owned businesses with access to strategic and practical family business information, networking opportunities, and family business research, education and scholarship. The Center conducts family business research to identify and improve potential areas for growth. Through luncheons, dinners and related events, the Center looks to connect family-owned businesses with one another and create a knowledge base that will aid in enhancing the “family side” of business.
  3. Develop Family Business Leadership The Center promotes successful next-generation leadership and provides students with the opportunity to apply related coursework within local family businesses. The University of San Francisco ensures that family business coursework is offered throughout the school year through three entrepreneurship courses including BUS398 (Family Business); BUS477 (Family Business Immersion in Colombia); and BUS479 (Practicum in Family Business).

The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation's policy is to promote educational, scientific, literacy, or religious programs in the nine counties of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The Gellert Foundation is the primary contributor to the USF Gellert Family Business Resource Center.

Monika Hudson, Associate Professor
Director, Gellert Family Business Resources Center
University of San Francisco, School of Management
2130 Fulton Street, Malloy Hall Room 235
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 422-4395