University of San Francisco 旧金山大学 China Business Studies Initiative

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The China Business Studies Initiative promotes research and development focused on China and the globalization of China business.

The University of San Francisco’s China Business Studies Initiative provides a platform for collaboration with the influential China business community in San Francisco. The Initiative bridges China business leaders, public policy makers, and academics to the larger San Francisco community through high impact research, resources, and development programs.


CBSI will be a premier center for knowledge that educates leaders who will better integrate Chinese businesses into the global economy to help create a more humane world.


To create and share knowledge of global Chinese business by providing a platform connecting scholars, practitioners, policy makers, students and alumni through its unique global positioning in San Francisco.


  • China Scholars
  • China Business and Industry Leaders
  • Public Policy Institutions
  • The University of San Francisco Community
  • Development Professionals


  • New research on the globalization of China
  • A comprehensive resource hub
  • China-related symposia and conferences
  • Development programs
  • Public policy focused on China globalization
USF china business studies initiative international conference 2017

Dean Davis and other conference participants meeting with Lieutenant Governor Xu Jianpei at the CBSI International Conference, May 17-19, 2017, Langfang, China

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