Mea Boykins, Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management '16

USF Alumna is Changing the World, All Over the World

“I want to be the change I wish to see in the world."

USF Alumna is Changing the World, All Over the World

In June, Mea Boykins, Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management ‘16, was awarded for her work as a humanitarian but her efforts to make the world a better place are not stopping there.

Mea Boykins MGEM ‘16, believes her purpose in life is to be a humanitarian. She frequently carries water bottles and chips in the backseat of her car in case she stumbles across someone who may need them. She also offers her prayers and camaraderie to every homeless individual she encounters; and she has expressed that something as simple as a smile can make a difference in someone’s life.

“I want to be the change I wish to see in the world,” Boykins said. After traveling with the MGEM program to Barcelona, Taipei, and finally San Francisco, she expressed her plans and readiness for a future, formatted to help others. Throughout her travels to over 15 countries in the past year she has been continuing her humanitarian work. In Barcelona, she partnered with the United Nations Refugee agency to raise funds to help shelter Syrian refugees and while in Taiwan and China, she spoke at various events on the subject of cross cultural management. All of this was in addition to her being a fulltime student in the program. Determinedly she said, “I want to do a lot more.”

When Mea was just an undergraduate student, she raised over $15,000 dollars for a scholarship fundraiser that she created called Student Emergency Assistance­­ – purposefully leaving her name out of the scholarship’s title. After graduation, Boykins’ goals involve launching a mini MBA program. She explained that it will be a program comprised of various courses, webinars, seminars, and networking events for individuals​ w​ith limited resources who desire to become entrepreneurs. Boykins explained that the knowledge she gained during her time in the MGEM program will help in contribution to form her program.

Last month, Boykins traveled to Chicago for the Rainbow Push Coalition’s 45th annual international conference. At the event, she was presented with the Outstanding Humanitarian Achievement award by civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson for the humanitarian­related work she has been doing on a global scale. “That was really one of the highlights of my life,” Boykins said in regards to receiving her award. “I’m not a superhero,” ​s​he humbly explained “ there’s nothing I’ve done that no one else can do.” Boykins’ future involves launching an international incubator focusing on Social Enterprise and more humanitarian work in various locations on the globe, as she continues to strive for change: “Empowering and uplifting others is my passion and mission. I feel it’s my purpose from God.”

By Lonny Wysard ‘18