Bonnie Bain, Part-Time MBA '17

Energize the Solar Industry from Here

"This program has helped me transition into corporate America and grow as a professional. I was immediately able to apply what I learned in class to my working life, which has been invaluable."

Bonnie Bain, Part-Time MBA ‘17, came to the University of San Francisco (USF) to take her career as a project manager for Sungevity, a solar energy company, to the next level. The program’s part-time schedule allowed Bain to continue to do the work she enjoys while learning new skills she can also use at work.

“The program allowed me to continue to work in on my career in the energy industry concurrently. In many ways, I am not an academic. I like to work. I need to be hands-on,” Bain said. “As a full-time employee of a solar company and part-time USF student, I am working towards a self-disciplined MBA in solar. The USF part-time track is great for this. We have professors that don't focus on theory, but focus more on the practical everyday applications that we can bring to work the next day.” 

In Bain’s experience, the biggest advantage of earning her MBA from USF’s School of Management is the diversity of the legion and the wide variety of skills brought to the classroom during every meeting.

“USF attracts students from all corners of the world and industry. I appreciate that my school not only cultivates a diverse cultural student body, but also does a good job of admitting half women and half men. It reflects the world as we want to see it in this sense.”

In this way, Bain said USF embodies the tagline ‘Changing the World from Here’ by creating a diverse companionship and offering different perspectives in the classroom.

USF is changing the world from here by designing an equal playing field in the classroom; this in turn challenges all students to bring this diversity of opinion and experience to their own workplace. We value diversity of culture, gender, and sexual identity in our student body, faculty, and administration.

As a current student and full-time worker, Bain brings that diversity into her professional life and feeds off the energy of her peers and professors.

Bain describes her experience thus far at USF as a team effort, not just individuals working on their own goals, “Our group-based work is what really drives our ability to challenge one another and grow. I cannot point to one thing I have learned because in many ways it is the entire USF experience,” Bain said. “However, I can say that I learn something new from my fellow cohort members as we discover our leadership style and potential along the way. The dynamic we have fostered in our small cohort looks and thinks like a group of well-connected friends who are committed to helping each other attain our goals. We hold each other accountable, we lift each other up.”


Part-Time Master of Business Administration (PTMBA)