Francisco Alonso Guzman, Master of Nonprofit Administration '16

Make an Impact on Youth from Here

"I’m able to see the bigger picture after completing the MNA. Now, I can keep changing, growing and developing the skills that I’m going to need in the future. The program helped me focus on where I want to be in the years to come."

Francisco Alonso Guzman, MNA ’16 Came to USF to Effect Change in the Lives of Youth

Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) student Francisco Alonso Guzman, ’16, came to the University of San Francisco (USF) because he that the School of Management could empower him to make his dream of ‘Changing the World’ of youth development into reality.

Coming from Minnesota, his goal was to find a program that would allow him to effect change in world of nonprofit organizations.

“I started to think about how I could make a bigger impact on the people that I want to serve and how I could make a bigger impact on the lives of youth.” He said. “Learning more, not just about the direct service part of nonprofits but also about how they can be made more efficient, were the answers I needed.”

Coming to USF was the obvious choice for Guzman, “I’m just awed almost every single time I get off BART by how beautiful the downtown campus is,” he said. “I feel like oh, wow, I’m in a big city doing big things, and learning a ton.”

While in the program, Guzman found a job thanks to a member of his cohort at Summer Search, a national nonprofit program that partners promising low-income high school students with mentors who help shepherd them through high school and college. It also offers them opportunities for transformative travel during their sophomore and junior years.

For Guzman, being on a campus near his office in downtown San Francisco helps connect what he is learning in his classes with what he is trying to achieve professionally.

“School and work being physically so close together helps me think about my work when I’m in class and vice versa,” he said “When I’m at work, I think about what I’ve been learning in class and how I can immediately apply it.”

For Guzman, continuing his education was not just about learning from professors, but exchanging ideas with other professionals in his cohort.

“Everyone wants to learn from each other, not just the marketing but the networking, the exchange of ideas,” he said of his cohort. “Pretty much everyone is working in the field, so just getting all those different perspectives is a valuable part of the program.”

Guzman’s future career trajectory has also taken shape since he’s been a student at USF, allowing him to find a professional approach that works for him.

I’m able to see the bigger picture now and how I can keep changing, growing and developing the skills that I’m going to need in the future. The program helped me focus on where I want to be in years, which is at the head of a nonprofit organization where I get to really influence all the parts of an organization that really helps the people who need it.

So far, Guzman’s biggest take-away from the lessons he has learned at USF is how collaboration can affect the way a nonprofit organization functions.

“In class, we’ve been discussing collective impact, and it has profoundly influenced my outlook on the nonprofit sector.” he said. “The idea is that through collaboration, through the exchange of ideas we can bring about change and really have a big, big impact on the lives of people.”


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