Former 'Foghorn' Editor Leads Bleacher Report

Before Rory Brown ’05 was president of one of the most-read sports websites in the country, he spent his days cranking out copy and assigning stories to reporters working for USF’s student newspaper.

It’s been more than a decade since Brown was the San Francisco Foghorn’s editor-in-chief, but the lessons he learned continue to inform his work at Bleacher Report, a sports news site that launched in San Francisco in 2007 and was bought by Turner Broadcasting four years ago. The site reaches more than 200 million people a month.

“The best skill I started to hone in college was leadership and management, and I did a lot of that at the Foghorn,” says Brown. “I managed a pretty small staff, but had to put out a product we were accountable for.”

Brown, a media studies major, published his first article in the Foghorn his sophomore year and rose to editor-in-chief by senior year, drawing inspiration from some of the media professionals he met in his USF classes.

“That’s a big part of what makes USF great: You can take a class and a week into the semester your professor brings in the theater critic of the San Francisco Chronicle or a writer for the San Francisco Bay Guardian,” he says. “At other schools, you might have pretty compelling speakers, but you’re not going to be able to sit there and shake their hand and ask questions. You’re sitting there with a couple hundred people.”