A Breakthrough Medical Website

USF nurses and educators have teamed up to create a groundbreaking website to help health care professionals identify and treat environment-related health illnesses like lead poisoning, asthma, sickness from oil and gas fracking, and cancers from dry-cleaning chemicals.

The EnviRN-Evidence website puts the latest research, lists of symptoms, and possible tests and treatments at nurses’ fingertips as never before. It also includes a library of video tutorials.

“The environment is one of the primary determinants of individual and community health,” says Claire Sharifi, nursing and public health reference librarian at Gleeson Library. “Unfortunately, most health care providers, including nurses, are inadequately prepared to identify or respond appropriately to environmental hazards or conditions.”

The website was created by USF’s Barbara Sattler, a nationally known public health nurse, and Sharifi, with help from graduate and undergraduate nursing and education students who transcribed lectures, created webcasts, and recorded and edited audio. The project was funded by a National Library of Medicine Express Outreach Award.